Pinnacle Studio 9 -9.4 patch problems

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      Has anyone out there experienced problems installing the Pinnacle studio 9- 9.4 patch??

      I have tried several times with no success.The PC “freezes” at the same point every time “USB Configuration” and just before this it throws up a “feature transfer error = 0” message.
      I have only just bought this card and s/ware (AV/DV version)as my first venture into video transfer and editing and this problem is driving me crazy.
      The card came with as version 9.1, build 15 spec and I would dearly love to update.

      I have disabled my anti virus s/ware but to no avail.

      Can anyone offer help?? πŸ™



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      Just a quick note, did you make sure you downloaded the right patch? As I understand there are two patches available depending on what version you were running. That would be the first thing I check. Good Luck.


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      Thanks for your help.I downloaded the full version and not the light version-I think this is correct.Just a question,do I take it that you have managed to download the patch?Just knowing this would be helpful to me because I have even wondered if the patch itself is faulty. Regards, Lozz.

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      I recently purchased Studio 9 and updated it to the 9.3.5 version before the 9.4.1 patch came out. I have no problems with 9.3.5. When the 9.4.1 patch came out, Pinnacle’s user forums lit up like a Christmas tree. Apparently this 9.4.1 update had some problems. Pinnacle was quick to respond with the 9.4.2 patch. From what I read on the forums, the 9.4.2 patch solved only a limited number of issues from the 9.4.1 patch.

      (Let’s keep in mind that many people had no problems at all with 9.4.1 and 9.4.2. Some people have issues with software and some don’t. It’s that simple, and it’s that complicated at the same time.)

      I would suggest going to Pinnacle’s web site, specifically to the user forums, and post your problem there. This web site we’re on right now is good, but the Pinnacle site user forums are focused entirely on Pinnacle’s products and problems. I visit Pinnacle’s forums just about every day, and you’d be amazed at how many knowledgeable people respond with possible solutions.

      For what it’s worth, I have not downloaded either the 9.4.1 or 9.4.2 patch.

      So will downloading the latest patch solve your problem? Or will it make it worse? Hard to say. If you’re running Wndows XP, you can set a restore point prior to downloading and installing any patch. You can even try uninstalling and reinstalling the initial (un-patched) software to see if that gives you results.

      Again, try the Pinnacle user forums. They’re extremely helpful there.

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      Thanks jla930,

      What you say makes agreat deal of sense and the stuff about the history of the patches is reassuring in a strange way.At least now I know that its not just me experiencing problems.

      I registered and submitted to the Pinnacle site at the same time that I registered on this site and I have received good feed back so far from both sites.

      I guess this sort of problem is what computing is all about,after all I am not at all sure that I would enjoy living in a perfect world-Very Boring !!

      Regards Lozz πŸ™‚

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      Computers won’t be problem-free until someone invents an unbreakable rubber band with which to wind them up!

      Software won’t be problem-free until someone figures out a way to keep humans out of the process! (Uh-oh, I’m starting to sound like a sequel to “The Matrix” – possible title: “The Matrix Regurgitated”.)

      That’s why God invented things like “the patch”, “the bug fix”, and “the update”. Pinnacle is not alone in software bugs and the need to patch patches. Heavens no, you are far from being the only one to have a problem. Fortunately, I have no problems so far with Studio 9 running the 9.3.5 patch. But as I mentioned in my last post, I’m too cowardly at this point to download 9.4.2. You’re right, a perfect world would be boring. But at this point, based on what I’ve read on the Pinnacle user forums about 9.4.1 and 9.4.2, I think I’ll wait a while. For the moment, I’ll settle for a little more boredom and a little less hair-pulling-out excitement from possible frustration.

      That’s not to say that everyone, including myself, should automatically expect a problem with the 9.4.2 patch. I have no clue why some people have problems and some (probably most) don’t. Software interaction? Hardware mis-configuration? Who knows. And here you are having a problem without having patched anything.

      I still stand by what I’ve written in other posts in Videomaker’s forums. Compared to other video editors/DVD authoring programs with similar features, Studio is the easiest to use with the most intuitive user interface. If I had problems, I may feel differently, but so far so good. I’ve tried others, and my head is still spinning.

      Whoops…time to wind the rubber band. Oh drat, it broke again…

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      I agree with everything you say,it crossed my mind a very long time ago that what I really enjoy is”getting the better of the damn thing” rather than just plain sailing computing.

      Sometimes I feel like John Cleese in Fawlty Towers when he gave his old car a damn good thrashig with a branch cos` it deserved it !

      However ,what you say about the 9.3 patch interests me and I was wondering if it was still out there as a download on some obscure site.I will look later today.



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      Hmmm…I don’t know if the 9.3.5 patch is still available or not. I can’t promise that the 9.3.5 patch would be 100% worry free, any more than the 9.4.2 patch. But it all comes back to the same thing. Some people have problems with ANY patch, and some don’t.

      It truly is a good feeling when you win a battle with a computer or a piece of software. You just have to show them who’s boss. (Plus a little help from user forums doesn’t hurt.)

      And we can all take a good lesson from John Cleese. With branch in hand, he has the right idea.


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