Pinnacle Studio 500 and software Pinnacle Studio version 10?

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      Hi I am relatively new to using video capture and create units and software.
      First, I have a Toshiba notebook, satellite 2410, intel pent 4, mobile processor, 512 RAM, 40 gig HD which I use for my personal use at home.

      I have an identical one which the better half uses and has the Hauppauge WinTv PVr USB 2 installed on and uses.
      It was bought last September and we did about 20 vhs tapes to DVD and the quality was excellent.

      Our VCR is a high end Sony SLV-R5UC which we used in editing with our old Sony Hi 8 camera.
      This is what we use to capture our video with.

      I have purchased the Pinnacle Studio 500 with the Pinnacle Studio 10, just took it out of the box and am reading the Brochure of quick instructions.
      It comes with 3 CD’s in total.

      I bought this for my Toshiba as the better half uses the Hauppauge and it is the one that we did all of our other vhs conversions to dvd as mentioned earlier, however we don’t need all the bells and whistles of the tv tuner etc.
      We simply want a unit that hooks up to the vcr via Composite cables and to the USB on the Toshiba notebook and don’t intend to watch TV nor record TV programs.

      Thus I looked at this Pinnacle, however in reading what is in this quick install brochure it does not sound user friendly. I have to drag n drop the movie??? etc.

      I went through a brief Tutorial and found it looked like the thrust of this program with the unit is to edit with music and cut and trim and we are not interested in any of that. And then drag n drop the video we want to capture???
      We are not advanced in this and want the Unit like the Hauppauge to do all of the work and do simply a straight transfer.
      Just a straight transfer Capture unit.

      After the reading of the instructions i think this Unit is more complicated to operate. We want a user friendly push the button and the capturing takes place to a destination on the HD and then we create a DVD.

      The reason that we don’t want another Hauppauge is because its more a tv tuner and that is not what we want and on the other hand it does not look like one can simply hit a button like Hauppauge and walk away and let the unit do the job.
      It appears that the user has to do dragging and dropping????

      Also, when I googled I saw a lot of criticisms about the Pinnacle Studio 10 needing a bunch of patches to be added and that the program was of questionable quality.
      I would appreciate comments, thankyou

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      The notebook youre planning on using is very weak on the requirements needed to run editing software. The RAM will probably work but youll be waiting all day and you might crash a lot. The 40 GB hard drive is very small. Its probably only spinning at 5400 RAM too. Taking into account that you probably have half of it used up with your OS and other apps, you dont have much left to capture with. An hour of an AVI file is about 16 GB give or take.

      To be brutally honest IMO youre laptop probably isnt going to work very well with it’s current configuration.


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      Yeah man.. although the CPU might do fine, look for 1 gig of RAM and an 80 gigs HDD at least.

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      Thx for the replies, we bought another Hauppauge wintv pvr usb 2 and have it installed now on our toshiba m50-mx5 toshiba intel centrino, 1 gb, ddr2,100 gb sata 5400 rpm,dvd super multi double layer+-R,intel graphics media accelerator 900 , XP.
      However we are using our BenQ 162I external burner to do the creation in their dvd rom proggy as we always have done and it is great.
      Does this sound ok??? we are going to be using both notebooks to create dvd as "boomers" we have a lot of personal vhs that i edited with my sony hi 8 and a lot of classics vhs and concerts that there appears to be no initiative on anyones part to make into dvd.

      I would appeciate comments, thankyou.

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      That hard drive is too slow. Other than that, it’s ok.

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