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      I have just started transferring VHS movies to DVD’s. I’m new at Studio 10 Plus. Using Version 10.5. The problem is that no matter what I’ve tried, the final video I make just "plays through" the duration of the "moving menu" and continues on with the first clip on the timeline after the menu. It doesn’t loop on the menu screen, nor does it allow me to click on any of the chapter buttons to go to a specific part of the DVD. I have added the chapter marks at the top of the timeline, and I assume that I’ve assigned them properly to the buttons using "Set Menu Links".
      Also, if I’m using more than one menu (physically located on the timeline one after the other), how do I assign the start of the 2nd menu to the "next" button of the 1st menu, and the start of the first menu to the "previous" button of the 2nd menu?
      Thanks for any help in advance.

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