Pinnacle or Sony Vegas which to use?

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      Been using Sony Vegas Pro since version 8 now version 11

      I bought a copy of the Pinnacle Ultimate about a year ago.

      It seems I am always to busy to learn the Pinnacle.

      I thought it might be worth a posting to hear from others that might have an opinion.

      The pinnacle is installed, but I’ve never done a thing with it.

      I’m always trying to do things faster and better.

      If pinnacle could do that and it might be worth my time to start trying it on some projects.

      Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated

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      I have never used pinnacle But I do use Vegas 11. I have heard that pinnacle is a major headache and that it does not work very well. I think your best bet would be to stick with vegas.

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      If you have been using Vegas Pro fro some time, I don’t see a need to change. HOWEVER, I will say that I started with Pinnacle, and occasionally open it for certain niche things. One plus was that it had Magic Bullet Looks bundled with it (Version 14 Ultimate at the moment), which is a $500 addon for the same thing in Vegas. With the 64 bit though, I finally bought it for Vegas as the speed for rendering in 64-bit Vegas was well worth it for the volume of work I was doing. Another plus is the ScoreFitter. If you need some quick royalty free music in a hurry, this is good. It also has some other Red Giant plugins that you would spend quite a bit of $ on for a pro NLE. Other than that Pinnacle is very, very unstable. If you like crash fests this is for you! But honestly if you have been using Vegas PRO – why go full time backwards to a comsumer NLE? Pinnacle lacks many of the professional tools. If you already have it, use it like I do – for niche little things you need in your videos.

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      I’ve used both and even though Pinnacle does some amazing things, I find it very awkward to use, espescially after using a real slick and professional program like vegas Pro. IMHO, stick with Vegas Pro. It’s all the little things that make Vegas a gem, like unlimiterdaudio/video tracks that are scaleable. I find it very frustrating to rubber-band audio levels on Pinnacle’s tiny audio track. Vegas easily spreads out over several monitors, and has Pro scopes like waveform and vectorscope, also Vegas does not require a dedicated graphics card for rendering -as long a you’ve got a fast CPU it moves along very nicely. Don’t get me wrong, Pinnacle is great for the casual user/hobbyist (we’ve even used it as a news field editor at the TV Station I work for)but I think it just can’t compete with the speed and ease of use that Vegas Pro offers.

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      I used Pinnacle from ver 6 to ver 12 and “graduated” to Sony Vegas about 6 years ago. There are a lot of things that Pinnacle does well, even great, especially the inclusion of the DVD authoring program within the main editing program. That allows you to edit your video and create your DVD iso file or write to your DVD media in fewer steps than Vegas or Premier or Final Cut.
      However, with all its benefits it is not as good a program as Sony Vegas. It does not come with as many tools as Vegas for customizing your video. Pinnacle is more limited in regard to ingesting various video formats; Sony Vegas Pro can handle just about any format you need. Vegas has no limitation on the number of tracks you can use in a single project AND it provides very solid performance. Between version 9 and up to ver 14 Pinnacle had many problems between versions and required many patches to avoid crashes.

      I made my choice to go with Vegas many years ago and have not regretted it. When my 11 year old became interested in Video editing I started to install Pinnacle and eventually gave up and got him Vegas.

      Robert J. Baker
      Senior Networking Consultant
      SpaceAge Consulting LLC


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      Use both. NLEs are tool sets, each of which has great features. Our studios have at least two NLEs on each computer, and two or three DVD authoring programs. Which one to use depends on what the job is.

      I’ve used Vegas since version 4.0 and currently use version 8.0, for example, but have never used the Sony DVD authoring software because I’m well served by another program. Vegas 11.0 is reportedly very buggy and prone to crashing for many users; still, I think Vegas is one of easiest to learn and use and most flexible NLEs on the market.


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      Editing all weekend long and just about to finish and once again I get the Vegas 11 gray screen of death.

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      Channel 70

      The Vegas 11 uses the GPU of video card for acceleration. You need a pretty high quality Video card is my experience. I have an nvidia 8800 GTS 512MB card using an Express 1x slot on motherboard and I experienced a lot of CTD.

      One thing I did that really helped when I was getting a lot of crashes. I shut down my computer and removed the video card and made sure it was seated very well in the slot. I do think when the VC has been in the slot for awhile it must develop some misconnection. I cleaned the connections on card and made sure it was seated as it should be.

      Also, I cleaned all the cooling vents on Processor and cleaned all the fans. I have all fans going at high speed. Also, my nVidia VC has a tool called ntune, I downloaded from nvidia that lets me manually control the fan speed of the VC. It was defaulting at 37% now I run a 100%.

      I do have good report. I have only had one crash in past two weeks since I did the above.

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      AvatarMoab Man

      I use Avid Studio (bigger more expensive brother to Pinnacle) and since the patch it has been incredibly stable and I am absolutely in love with the program. However, if you are familiar with Vegas Pro I think you would be sadly disappointed stepping down to prosumer software.

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      Pinnacle was the second NLE I used (after Windows Movie Maker). I liked it lots, especially the built in transitions, but the version I had crashed all the time (don’t remember which version – was 2004).

      The I found Sony Vegas Movie Studio (was called ScreenBlast Movie Studio then) and fell in love. Within a year I moved up to the Pro version and have never regretted the decision.

      Yes, 11 is buggy (which is why I save often and still have 8 Pro installed as well) but I anticipate it settling down by year’s end. I must say the render speeds are great (on my newish box) and I am just starting to experiment with the bundled NewBlueFX Pro Titler (which is amazing).

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      My RANDOM crashes in Pro 11 are now very few and far between – maybe every 20 hours of editing. HOWEVER, there are times I expect it to crash now – like after I add the color correction VFX. half the time when I add it and go to the legacy tab, which I prefer, it will crash. I have gotten used to this and now save it before adding the effect by instinct. No biggie, if it crashes it takes 5 seconds to open again and I am right back where I left off.

      Also the New Blu titler. Some reason I was thinking the second titler in Vegas WAS the new blue titler and didn’t see much point in it until I read over my order email 2 nights ago. Well who’da thunk I had to download and install it separately? I have only been using 11 since release… From what I have seen so far I really like the options in it, but when I was adding it to a project I was working on it kept repeatedly crashing Vegas (I stated RANDOM above – this seems to be something I can predict now as well). One fix I had for it was to open a new project and just make the titles in there, then import the .veg file right into the project I intended to use it on. Strange, but it worked without crashing… It might not be as unstable as I am thinking though, maybe it just didn’t like the footage I had in that particular project, or even the effects I had on the clips. Who knows, but maybe I will figure it out as I use it more often in future projects.

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      I much prefer Vegas Pro. I started my video editing with Pinnacle 400, a VHS linear editor (NOT the good ol’ days) and have used versions of Pinnacle Studio to the current release by Avid. With non-linear editing I quickly found I needed multiple tracks and Pinnacle Studio at that time was a “one track pony.” Sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun. After trying several brands of editing software I settled on Sony Vegas, which I believe at the time was version 7. I’ve stayed with Vegas Pro ever since. DVD Architect that’s bundled with Vegas Pro is a plus.

      Vegas Pro is friendly, yet powerful. It does not have a steep learning curve, but it’s a long one. I had no trouble getting started with Vegas Pro right out of the box, but even after all these years I’m still learning functions and capabilities it has.

      I’ve keep Studio around because there are a couple of capabilities it has that are actually better and easier than provided in Vegas Pro. Scrolling credits and decorative transitions are examples. What I don’t like about Avid’s release of Pinnacle Studio is the interface. For me it’s no longer intuitive and the navigation is inconsistent. I don’t plan on upgrading to the next release of Studio. Instead, I’ll spend my money on plug-ins for Vegas Pro.

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      We’ve found that Pinnacle Studio crashes even when it’s installed on brand new builds. When you look around the web, you can see that other people have had similar stability issues.

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      I thought I would never type this. I’ve never used Sony Vegas and I started with Pinnacle Studio v8-v15. I was a huge fan of the product and it’s ease of use, transitions and add-ons. Nonetheless, all the patches and bugs are true. I really was hopeing one day they got it right and even added more video tracks. I finally moved up the Avid Studio, the bigger brother. This program seems to have a lot more capability, however, it was not the “easiest” learning curve from Pinnacle. I still haven’t figured out how to do some of the things I’m able to do with Pinnacle in these product. Most of the time, I’ll take one of my old projects and import into Avid just to see how it handled certain functions or what video track it ended up on.

      So I hate to say, it sounds like Sony may have the superior product.

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      Started on Pinnacle Studio 7 through to 9 and made the jump to Liquid 7 pro, this I found pretty good as it seemed to have everthing I needed ie unlimited time line, fx effects, titler, dvd burning including isco file maker as stated above, also you didn’t need to buy a new card with it with every upgrade as with adobe at the time. A friend who is a pro camera operator his camera is an sony xd cam and he uses vegas, convinced me to change to Vegas as he wanted me to help with his editing and made it easier with the file sharing. I must admit I enjoy working with Vegas, I like the big sound tracks on the time line and you can just about throw a brick at it and it will play it which is a lot more than I can say about Liquid but I do miss Liguids titler, smartsounds ability to make isco files and its ability to save the work as you go. I started on Vegas Pro 10 it is very good and stable, I am now using veas 11, the ealier version is a bit unstable, each time I tried to use the stabilizer the vegas would crash. I Am now using the later version and there is no problems.

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      Man, I have had Pinnacle since version 7…now 15 Vegas Movie Studio since version 6… now 11 Avid Studio since version 1 (still is)and Vegas Pro since version 8, now at 11.

      I tend to still use them all for different things. Pinnacle for simple slideshows mostly, Avid Studio for the plugins (mostly Looks) and Vegas Pro for most all of my main editing it is so fast and for me easy to use( can be intimidating for the new user just ask my wife)

      I finally got her to start using Pro 10 a few months ago on a pretty big conversion project and she is now getting the hang of it, and sees why it is superior pinnacle when it comes to cutting.

      I really Love Vegas Pro and I like the others Avid Studio seems to have the most potential of the bunch but it is in need of some updates ( i hope soon) but Vegas Pro is my goto NLE for most of my work. We do mostly media transfer work both Audio and Video and I use Vegas Pro for both.

      So I guess to answer the question you really need more than one NLE in the stable to get the best workflow. What is nice about Vegas is you can get Movie Studio and if / when you outgrow it than Vegas Pro is an easy switch because the GUI is almost the same.

      Paul B

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      I have been using Vegas Pro for over 10 years. I have rarely had to use the manual
      and the program has the means to allow my editing skills to grow.

      My grandkids come to use my Vegas Pro when do they do videos for school classes.

      I also use Sony’s Sound Forge, Cinescore, DVD Architect, and Acid Music Studio.

      They are very intuituve to me.

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      Dollar for dollar, where does Adobe PremiereProstand in comparison to Vegas Pro? I’m currently using Avid Studio but want to move up to an NLE withmore “pro” features/functions without having to sell my car. What’s the best NLE that Ican get for less than $1000? Thanks.

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      I used Pinnacle V8 to V12but got tired of it hanging up and crashing. Vegas never hung up on me.

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      Marty, six of one, half dozen of the other. It all comes down to preference. Some may say go with Adobe if you use a lot of the CS products as they mesh together pretty well. To be honest though I used Vegas Pro and never have any issues if I have to throw in some stuff I whip up in After Effects whenever I need it. The hands on editing right on the timeline is where it’s at for me. So, you want to save some $? Vegas hands down.

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      doublehamm: Thx for the advice RE Vegas being the better value. Also, I was not aware that After Effects can be used with non-Adobe products.

      By the way, when you say “…editing right on the timeline is where it’s at for me” are you saying that you would ratherdo that with Vegas, as opposed toAdobe Premiere Pro?

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      The style of editing that Vegas has, compares to no other in my opinion.

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