pinnacle good or bad?

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      im new to video prod,i like pinnacle but when i talk to people they say its not a good program,why?

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      I’ve used Pinnacle for many years. I think I finally gave up on version 8 or something. The program has wonderful features. I particullarly like the music match feature that will perfectly fits royalty free music to any size clip. The program is very user friendly – HOWEVER – and this is a big however, the program is not stable and will frequently encounter corrupted files, crash without warning, drop frames, etc. I was running the fastest and meanest computer I could get my hands on. It seemed I was buying my computer around this program. When I finally gave up I had spend over $4K on a custom built monster and the program acted exactly the same. At that point I switched to Sony Vegas. Now Vegas is not a professional program, but it is very stable and does a great job – even in professional applications. There is a bit of a learning curve, at least for me – but I’m just a bit retarded sometimes. The curve is well worth the climb and it will serve you well. There are, of course, many other great programs in the $100 – $200 range such as adobe essentials, final cut express if you are a mac guy, and many others – I’m drawing a blank now…

      I would stay away from Pinnacle (unless it has gotten much better)

      Good luck.

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      Same story here. Loved the features that Pinnacle had to offer. Spent many man hours trying to get thru a complete render. Spent good money on up grades that never came thru with being able to work properly. After years of trying I believe I gave up around version 9. I too went to sony vegas and have been very happy with it. I also have now started playing with an IMAC and I am extremely happy with it. (I have been playing with Final Cut Express) I agree with the above the other post. Unless better stay away!

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      I’ve used Pinnacle for years… started with 9 and now 11. I had the same issues as others. Totally unstable on my machine no matter what I did for upgrades. I now havea new Dell XPS 420 and installed Studio 11. FANTASTIC!!!! Studio is a top program when it runs. Absolutely brilliant. There are so many bells and whistles and they are relatively easy to learn. I cannot imagine outgrowing this software, it does so much. No one will argue it’s intuitive interface… you just have to roll the dice to see if it will run on your machine. I love it now.

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      A little different twist on this if I may. I started editing back in the early 80’s with the HUGE VHS decks by Panasonic in a Community Access setting……I have been doing video on and off since then. Over the last couple of years, I have begun getting serious with video Production to the point of selling my sound & light business (D.J. Business) and moving it to video production exclusively. I had been using Pinnacle’s 10.7 with a Gateway GM 5084 until I ran out of memory and upgraded to a Gateway FX-7020 (Gateway’s newest graphics loaded computer). In doing this, I also upgraded to the 11.1.2 Utimate system and have had really good luck with it. Given the fact that I do primarily School programs and church services as well as video work for Non-Profit agencies, I have yet to have it go down during Post-Production. It has a fair array of options even in the”out-of-the-box” formats with several downloads available for a reasonable cost. I know of several people who will swear by “Final Cut Pro”, and to those who have the operating budget, my hats off to you! πŸ™‚ Pinnacle seems to have gotten the bugs out of the earlier versions and ever since their merger with AVID, seems to have mastered a comparable product.

      I’m new to the “Lounge” community, and am looking forward to many years of learning from the many pros out there!

      God Bless All of You and our Troops! (Former USN)

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      Now Vegas is not a professional program, but it is very stable and does a great job – even in professional applications.

      Vegas not professional?? Vegas is used by many studios as well as ABC Nightline…… not professional?!!?


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      You’ve gotta be kidding me. Nightline uses Vegas?!! Did they pay $400 for theirs as well? No wonder they can afford to pay their tallent milliions of dollars. They’re saving on their editor! Who knew! Well, I guess you did. Thanks for the 411!

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      as an aside, you ever see the show Survivorman? that show is completely done with Vegas.

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      Great software for someone starting out. Tons of features and easy to use. If you expect alot without frustration, you will be disappointed.

      Early releases were criticized for crashing and running slowly. The software has regularly been the subject of harsh reviews and a disproportionate number of disgruntled users, especially on Pinnacle’s forums. The program can suffer because of the computer’s specifications; for instance, it will work more smoothly on a gigabyte of RAM, rather than 512 megabytes as advertised on the box.

      Studio 11 has been more stable than many previous early releases of the product, but there are still a variety of outstanding bugs. (

      Personal Computer World in the UK gave 11 Ultimate the “Editor’s Choice” award in a group test of Video editing software under $100 in the November 2007 edition.

      Pinnacle has been criticised for cynical marketing practices because the company requires additional fees to “activate” numerous functions of the software. However, none of the bonus material is a “function”, and without unlocking Studio 11 Plus and Ultimate still contain the features advertised, which are on par with its rivals.

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      Here’s a tip from personal experience:

      When I first got interested in filmmaking, I used Pinnacle. It was horrible. The user interface is great and easy to learn, but stability is horrendous. I now do everything in Vegas. I just finished shooting a musical, and I edited the whole thing in Vegas. I have worked on some of the most expensive Avid systems (as well as Premiere Pro), and I still like Vegas better.

      Well, just something from my experience. Hope it helps.


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      I have used Pinnacle for years… started windows movie maker but wanted something “more advanced”. I was low on cash so found a clearance version of Studio 9 and bought it. I had some trouble with it at first but finally got it to run, and run it did. I have since stayed with the program all the way to Studio 11 Ultimate with ProDad and Soundscrub, very nice. I have yet to have a problem with the latest version an my system is 2-3 years old. I have used it for family, school, and sports projects without trouble. I now have a little more cash but am afraid to change programs because of the learning curve. I won a verson of Adobe Elements, usingthe Pinnacle software to edit thevideo that won the contest, and have struggled with that program ( not the software )duetothe learning curve since I installed it. It is not very intuative even with the book for reference. If you were doing something like Night line or Musicals maybe a more advanced program would be helpful, but if you are just starting out give it a try. You can now download a stripped down version to try for free

      Let us know what you think


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      I too have used Pinnacle for years and spent a fortune. I wish someone would have told me to stay away!! I have had many professional productions with this software. Easy learning curve but NOT WORTH IT!! I have a Dell XPS with all the bells and whistles ordered for video editing. I left everything else off. I have had so many crashes and it never fails to crash with a deadline ahead. I stuck with Pinnacle way too long because of the investment and the learning curve. The updated versions everyone keeps talking about have created new problems faster than the can fix old ones. Several updates have had patches released before the update came in the mail!!!

      I’m am looking for software that be easy to learn by someone with a lot of Studio experience. Any suggestions?

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      Pinnacle is an Aweful piece of software. I had the same issues as the people above.

      After losing my work enough times, I finally through the software CD’s in the garbage and reformatted my computer. I am now on a crusade todisway people from wasting their money on this software.

      As the knight said in “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade,” “You must choose. But choose wisely.” For the good software will bring you $$, the bad software will take it from you.

      Well, it was something like that.

      Good luck. And choose wisely.

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      I have used Pinnacle since version 7 and in the beginning I had problems. Version 7 was unstable and extremely slow. Working through the hardware and softwareproblems did payoff with an editing machine today that works well with all of the different editing software packages that I use. The earlier versions had EIDE busissues.Reconfiguring my computer from EIDE bus to Firewire 400resolvedthe bus crash issues.Rendering was still slow until the Duo Core.

      Pinnacle 11 is an easy to learneditor with many features for simple short editing projects. I still use it for our church service video and when I teach home video editing.I hope they have resolvedthe EIDE bus issues, I still use Firewire. For complex multilayer video projects I use Premiere.

      I am considering Vegas Proafter watching an editor assemble a music video with it.Vegas has the intuitive interfaceof Pinnicale Studio with the features of Liquid and Premiere.

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      Wow, seems like Studio cops at bagging.

      Well, I used it as Studio MP10, then moved on to Studio 9 and downloaded all the upgrades. I had very little problem with 9 at all.

      Upgraded to 10 – loved it until the first project was ready to be made as a DVD. The project – 120 mins long. The problem – Studio 10 only saw 2 minutes. Avid/Pinnacles help line was no help.Needless to say I went back to Studio 9.4.3.

      I have purchased Studio 11 plus and love it. Only problem I had was importing projects in from Studio 9. They went screw wiff. I finished them off in 9, saved them as an avi file and completed the whole project from there on in, in Studio 11

      Couldn’t get smartsound to work – I have an extensive Library and wanted to use it. The makers of smart sound came to the rescue (not Avid/Pinnacle) with a patch program – Now I have my Library of smart sound to use.

      I use studio for making slide shows – pretty up market, multiple image, music timed slide shows and the only thing I would really really really like is to be able to “add” more video tracks in the time line. I can work around it by using the video line, the title line and the picture in picture line, create the first stage to an avi file, bring it back into the video time line and then add more overlays by using the title and picture in picture lines again. BUT adding more video/picture lines WOULD BE FANTASTIC AVID _ HINT HINT. Maybe Studio 12???? Hint Hint

      Studio 11 a bad program? No, not for me, Studio has been great and there is virtually no learning curve on this simple interactive interface. It must be easy, I have mastered it and havent read the instruction book.

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      I’m new to video making as well. I’m a trainer for my company and after training sessions I would usually put together a simple PowerPoint show or Windows Movie Maker video of still shots with a song for the graduation party. Then, I got a gift card to best buy where I picked up Studio 11 Plus for pretty cheap and started playing with that. I custom built my computer this past summer, so specs were not an issue. I bought a K-word video capture card for $20. I then transferred about 20 8mm camcorder tapes via the rca jacks from the camera to the k-world and imported straight into Plus11. No issues. No dropped frames. Nada. I had no issues with 11 at all. My last training class, we did a C.S.I. theme, where I basically recreated the beginning of the show with a combination of video and still shots, used the Who song,etc. Again, no issues, no crashes. Turned out awesome! Then somewhere along the line, Microsoft released a Vista patch that turned stopped the cheap video card from capturing. So I looked around (again having a Best Buy gift card) and they had the Pinnacle Studio Ultimare Movie Box that had the software and the external usb capture device. It was on sale from $149 to $109 and I had a gift card. Ordered online, picked it up at store, brought it home and plugged it in. So far, I’ve had no crashes with 12 either. I’ve been happy. I know I’m missing out. My friend uses Final Cut Pro and iMovie on his Mac. But he does weekly videos for his church. So for me, and the simple stuff I do for now. Pinnacle has worked great!

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      Like others here – I started using Pinnacle Studio 8 – I loved the interface and features it offered but just couldn’t seem to render out a final project without crashing. Quickly moved up to Sony Vegas Movie Studio and within a year I upgraded to the full blown version (currently using Pro 8).

      I have never regretted moving off of Studio and never regretted choosing Vegas – I can do so much in so short a period of time it amazes me.

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      I don’t do forums but felt so strong about this one that I had to do it. PINNACLE software is FATALLY FLAWED and the most maddening steaming pile of buggy code ever to dupe well meaning editors. The interface is more interested in extracting more money from users (add-ons and plug ins) than in editing anything, and not even Big Blue could run this company’s crap, because it’s not about your hardware, it’s about greed and knowingly selling defective software. After freezing, hanging and crashing a year and a half trying to get Pinnacle 8,9, and 10 to work, I quit. Bought Sony Vegas and finished the project in a month (including learning the software!) Have now switched to Final Cut Studio, and will never look back, but had to this time even if only to save one soul. Do yourself a favor and stay way way far away from Pinnacle.

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      I tried using Pinnacle when I first got into video production and I HATED it! I couldn’t figure it out, it was buggy and had in my opinion a useless interface (I chose instead at the time to use Windows Movie Maker if that gives you any idea how pathetic Pinnacle is). I now use Final Cut Studio and I love it! Tho I do still hate Apple…

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      I am on Pinnacle Ultimate 12 and love it. Many of the early problems seem to be fixed and it runs very smoothly.

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      I have Pinnacle 12 Ultimate and love it. I have used Pinnacle since V8, and had major problems with V10. It was very buggy. V11 seemed to work out those bugs and V12 is solid. No problems with it at all. I have produced tv commercials, wedding videos, memory videos and TONS of sports highlight videos for teams and student athletes with it since 2003 and outside of V10, no issues at all. I would stay away from V10, … it was so buggy, I went back to V9. Now with V12, I am very happy. Especially with ProDad, Boris Graffitt (which is wonderful) and Magic Bullet.

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      I really love Pinnacle Studio 14 Ultimate!! WOW is all I can say. I’ve suffered through all the earlier versions that didn’t run the way they were supposed to, mainly because of bugs and computer specs that were unrealistic. I put in my time with all that frustration and now it is paying off. If you have a fast computer with a decent graphics card, it’s fantastic what Studio 14 Ultimate can do now with Windows7- all the bells and whistles and special effects you can imagine without any of the heartache!!! Key is to have a super fast computer – I just got a quad core – 8gig RAM and it is totally FUN!!! It will blow your mind!

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      I’m just starting back out with video production over here in the UK and I managed to get Pinnacle Studio 14HD and I must admit it seems pretty damn good to me. There are none of the issues reported on here with earlier versions, it’s been completely flawless so far.

      I build my own PC’s anyway, and currently run an intel Q9550 quad core CPU, 8GB RAM & an ATi HD4890 PCIe card so it should run anything anyway.

      Maybe they’ve realised the error of their ways and fixed the problems now?

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      I am considering buying a prosumer camera, sony

      AVCHD Camcorder

      I am wondering if Pinnacle Studo 14 will be ok to edit with. My friend uses Adobe Premire but it is very expensive. This camera lets me set white balance and I know Premire will allow you to use filters to correct white balance if you need to. Do I need to step up to Sony Vega or Premire or will Pinnacle do?

      Thanks for any advice. I am new at this.

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      I used Pinnacle from about version 9 to 12. As they got older, they got better. By 12 (Ultimate, so you can do HD with it) I had pretty much a bug-free experience with it. In fact, I edited HD with WAY less specs than they called for on an old laptop and it actually burned great.

      My answer for Terry M would be it depends on what you want to do. It will do basic stuff great. If you’re just starting out, go for it. I upgraded to Premiere Pro recently and I miss the ease of use with Pinnacle, and I’m learning as I go, but you can obviously do a lot more and expect a much greater product with Premiere Pro.

      Perhaps you should get Pinnacle, and then compare it with Premiere. You’ll find it well worth the $100 or more you pay for Pinnacle. I still use it on occasion, but less and less as I learn Premiere.

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      Studio 14Ultimate – excellent for the home user, no bugs that I’ve encountered. H.264/AVCHD video files seem to be resource hungry in Studio14, need a spec’d up system (Quadcore as a minimum) if you want to edit FullHD. Great program as far as I’m concerned, also try Vegas9, free trial download from Sony (full version). Not as user friendly though!!

      Just for the record, I would have to agree with previous posts regarding stability, these issues have been rectified with Studio14, I would suggest that AVID had a lot to with this!!

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