Pinnacle 9 problems with new computer

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      My new computer is a 3.6 Processer / P5g2-x motherboard
      2 gigs of ram
      256 G Force 6 series video card
      80g HD for programs only
      250g HD for working files

      Pinnacle program is very slow. I’m comparing this to my wife’s laptop which is a 80ghd with 1 gig of ram. (Pinnacle runs better on the laptop with 90% memory full.) I’m doing a slideshow for my wife and it takes a good 5 seconds(up to 10+) to add a transition. I had a serious error come up when I was trying to do the slideshow. The program froze up. Pinnacle is the only program I have installed on the computer and this is the first project. Is this common with Pinnacle?
      I was about to upgrade to Liquid 6 but now I don’t know.

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      Pinnacle Studio 9 and before use a rendering engine (programming) that has been fraught with issues. Studio 10, Liquid 5 and 6 use a rendering engine that is much more stable and uses the resources (Video Card, etc.) much better the the older studio products.

      If you were thinking about it, you might wait a bit on Studio 10 to let Pinnacle/Avid work the bugs out. However, Liquid Edition 6 is an excellent NLE in it’s own right and if you can afford it as well as the learning curve, it a great NLE and will most likely serve you better than the studio products.

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      Is this a dedicated machine, or do you run other programs?

      Disable all programs running the back ground – especially anti-virus, anti-spyware and zone alarm.
      You could try a program called end it all, but it has had mixed reports when used with XP.
      Have you defragged? Editing can cause defragmentation – especially if you are doing lots of editing on the one project.

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