Pinnacle 710-USB capture Device & Sony Video Capture 6.0 Problem

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      AvatarRoad Runner

      I have been a Pinnacle user for a few years, and have a Sony Vegas Platinum 9 and the Sony Video Capture 6.0 installed now. When I start the Sony Video Capture 6.0 program and select the Pinnacle 710-USB on the drop down tab for Video, I get an error message,

      “The device ‘Pinnacle 710-USB could not be opened. Make sure it is turned on and not being used by another application or user’

      Has any one had this problem and found a work around?

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      Did you ever find a solution to this problem? I have the DV170 and it is doing the same thing. I went to Frys and purchased a Diamond VC600 and still get hte same problem.

      Thanks in advance –

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      AvatarRoad Runner

      Never got any response.

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      Sorry Guys I have Sony Vegas and capture 6 but I use a fire wire I cannot replicate your problems to see what might be going on. There are just some thing that are not compatible. I have two Sony cameras and the work just fine in capture, I also have a little hand held Panasonic camera and Sony capture will not recognize it why I do not know I have tried everything and it does not work, so I take the tape from the Panasonic put it in my FX1 and download to the comp.

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      the only time that you would need to capture something, is when it is using firewire. the exception is pinnacle’s capture devices. I am not sure of the reason that it even shows up in sony vegas, but I wouldn’t expect it to work. I would just try capturing it in pinnacle, and then importing it into vegas.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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