Pinnacle 13?

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      Road Runner

      It has been a year now since Pinnacle released version 12. I have seen nothing hinting at a new relaease yet, but has anyone got an inside track on a new release, maybe Pinnacle 13?

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      I doubt they’ll call it 13–unlucky number–but I suspect that something is brewing since they just marked down all the Pinnacle Studio add ons to half price for the rest of the month. Usually when they start dramatically discounting the current version a new version isn’t far behind.

      I do hope they add more video tracks to the next version!

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      After doing some snooping on the Pinnacle Systems forums, there is a lot of buzz that there will be a new version of PS coming out next month. They will call it Pinnacle Studio 14. I was considering buying a bunch of add ons that they have for 1/2 price–but I’m not going to as I will not be sure what will still be compatible with the next versions. I’ve also seen mark downs on Pinnacle Studio 12 itself.

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      When Windows 7 releases in October, expect virtually every software vendor to be touting a new Windows 7 compatible version of their software. Pinnacle will probably have a Windows 7 certified version of Studio by then. Usually when there is a new OS, prices are set unusually high to capture early adopter cash. You will have to wait a few months before you see Pinncle Studio selling at a price it’s worth. I never buy a new Pinnacle release until a few months after release for that reason, plus they generally have a Studio service pack for all the bugs in the initial product. Pinnacle is well known for poor quality in first releases.

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      Studio 12 works perfectly in Windoze 7 πŸ™‚

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      I just got it and it is FANTASTIC! No new video tracks though πŸ™

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      Road Runner…. there is no version 13 (I guess they are trying to bypass the superstitious consumers)…I have version Studio 12 ultimate which I bought at CircuitCity (RIP) on sale for about $80 now I get email every week from Pinnacle offering me to upgrade to version 14 for $80 which is kinda steep. They are touting HD support which already exists in 12 …if you can find 12 Ultimate on sale its a great program.

Viewing 7 reply threads
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