Pinnacle 10 on Widescreen monitor

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      Is this possible? Is there a way to resize pinnacle to fit the resolution? What if I want a 4:3 project on a 16:9 monitor? Thanks for the advice.

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      Hey Daniel- Jackson,
      Why don’t you ask Samantha Carter ?

      Sorry, Dont have the luxury of having a wide screen monitor. I would guess you will have the same sort of results (visual) as using
      a wide screen projector. Wide screen fits ok – 4.3 has black bars down the left and right hand sides.

      I use standard 4.3 format monitors and when doing widescreen get black stipes top and bottm of screen.

      You select the format 4.3 or 16.9 by the right clicking the video clip before you drag into the time line.
      Like the rest of us you might have to experiment to find your results.
      Thats the way I learnt to use Studio 9

      Sorry I couldn’t help further.


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