pinkish tracking line on bottom of screen?

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      I have a sony handycam TRV138 Hi-8 camcorder. Whenever I transfer footage to DVD or my computer (either with my DVD recorder or Pinnacle’s Dazzle), I end up with a line at the bottom of the screen that resembles the tracking being off on a videocassette. Since the camcorder records with tape instead of digitally, I’m thinking that is where the problem lies. But as far as I can remember, it has always displayed this line, even when new (it is about 3 1/2 years old now). I don’t know of any settings that could be adjusted to prevent this. Here is an example…

      The quality of this one is a bit rough as I had used an avi converter on it, but no matter what I try, I get that pink line or sometimes a clear “tracking-like” line. But if I just plug the handycam into the TV and play it that way, it doesnt show up. It’s only when I record/transfer the footage over.

      Thanks for any ideas!


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      hmmm…I wasn’t trying to imbed that video, just provide an external link.

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      Something to concider…
      …most TVs (at least CRT types)are calibrated at the factory to overscan a small bit. Part of the reason for this is that CRTs get a little nonlinear at the edges so the overscan puts that off-screen. Another reason is for issues on playback just like your talking about.
      Most video edit programs have a grid function that marks safe zones (used for titles, captions, and effects)so that you can place your effects where you know they will be seen on a TV screen. If this “tracking line” is outside the safe zone, that would explain why you do not see it when direct playing on your TV. Most video camera manufacturers take this into concideration when they calibrate their cameras.

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      I’ve tried viewing the recorded footage on both a CRT television and an LCD and I see it either way. So are you saying that there is nothing I can adjust to compensate for this? It really is annoying that any video I try to create will have this line. The only other way I could see would be to record it to VHS first and then dub it to DVD, but I’m sure that would kill what quality I had.

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