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      is it arrogant of me to put a picture of myself on my website? Someone kinda mentioned that to me, but I didn’t think it was a big deal. What do ya’ll think?

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      A picture of yourself in your posting??? How egotistical!!! How insensitive!!! How ….. wait a second …. that’s what I’ve be doing for years. Uh … never mind.

      Seriously though, I’d like to know if that fashion-model photo that Zoobie is using is really a photo of Zoobie. (Is “Zoobie” a boy name or a girl name?) 😉


      P.S. — I’m sure that picture that Charles Fulton uses is really him.

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      ha ha! Nice hat! On your website? I’ve read/heard that was a huge no noooooooooooo!

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      It has to do with BRANDING and there is absolutely nothing wrong, incorrect (politically, or otherwise) with doing it. In fact, you would be wrong to NOT put one there. People identify with faces and feel they are better aware of whom they are dealing with. Unless, of course, you’re uglier than Wanda Wart Hog 🙂

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      Yea, I agree, Earl. Myargumentto my friend was, “If someone is thinking about hiring me for a gig, they should at least know what I look like.” Sounds like a good reason for a pic to me, but then again, coming off as arrogant is a good reason to not have one. But I think I’ll keep it on my website.

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      It all depends on the context of the picture. If you are just posting a giant photo of yourself for no apparent reason then that wold probably be a mistake. But if you are including it as part of an overall biography or sales pitch or something else that enhances the value to the site visiter then it is a great thing. Many companies post bios of the principles invlolved so that people can identify with then and get a sense of who they are dealing with. This is a personality based business and in effects all of your company communications should be an attempt to sell yourself to the client.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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