picture in picture w/FCP 3?

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      It’s as simple as dragging another clip onto a second video track and resizing it’s window so that it’s smaller than the “full screen” background clip.

      Step by step:
      Positition a full screen clip on V1.
      Then Drop another full screen clip below it on the timeline on V2.
      Double click on the clip in V2 to open it in your Viewer window.
      Then click on the MOTION tab on that window to bring up your sizing options.
      Use the SCALE command to resize it down.
      Then if you like you can simply go to the Canvas window, click on the button at the top that allows you to select “IMAGE plus WIREFRAME” mode – where you can move your smaller window around by simply clicking on it and dragging it where you want.

      That’s it in a nutshell.

      BTW, this is all explained in the manual. ; )

      Good luck.

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      Does anyone know how to do picture-in-picture with final cut pro 3? (or multiple videos running on the same screen area)

      example: i have a clip of someone talking in an interview. I want to superimpose a small video screen in the corner of the activity they are talking about.

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      oh it is! thanks anyways! (by the way… did you read all the manuals?) I just did the tutorial.. lazy me. I bought that “Final Cut Pro 3” book.. tried to cut the ol corner. awesome! thanks so much!

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