Picked up a Sony DCR-SR100

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      picked up a Sony DCR-SR100 the other day. I’m new to film but am trying to jump into it as "pro-ish" as i can. I’m going to be doing some interviews with it that will be planned etc, and i’m also making a commercial for the internet that sorta thing, all internet distributed stuff.

      I REALLY liked this camera, until i found there’s a movement artifact? blur on basically any movement, it’s fairly pronounced on my monitor when i view the files (depending on which program opens it i’ve noticed the crispness and thus noticability of it can go up or down). Also when i move the window to a TV display it seems not as noticeable.

      My question!

      Is this simply the nature of mpeg2 compression? and all hard drive camcorders will suffer it? or is it simply this model. I’m thinking of returning it and getting a JVC Everio GZ-MG505 with the 3ccd sensor. But it’s also hard drive so will it suffer the same effect?

      i LOVE the convenience of a hdd cam, but if i’m going to lose REALLY noticeable quality on movement… i’ll move to mini dv and possibly a slightly more ‘pro’ cam. any advice would be HUGELY apprecaited.

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