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      Okay, this is really not the site to discuss website stuff, but this is pretty cool.

      phpbb, the makers of the software that powers a lot of boards (including this one) are in the midst of beta testing phpbb 3. I downloaded the demo to a box I use for testing purposes, and I love it. Very sleek forum software. I’m a mod/admin at a couple vbulletin sites out there, and I honestly like the phpbb 3 interface better than the vbulletin interface.

      On the downside, phpbb isn’t going to set a definite release date, just saying it will be ready "when it’s ready". Frankly, I expect them to punch out probably one more beta, followed by maybe two release candidates before they call things official. But still, if they haul tail, the world wide web might have an exceptional free forum program available this year.

      Someone needs to ask Fulton if they’ll upgrade this forum when the software comes out. There are a lot of featres that would make the site easier to manage on the admin end.

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      I know what you mean about phpbb2’s security. I have a friend who just lost his entire database to the security holes.

      From what I can tell, 3.0B2 is actually very much more secure to hacking. If you attempt to access the ACP through any means other than human clicking, it will return a "Hacking Attempt" error screen and lock you out until you verify to the software that you’re a human being and not a hacking program.

      I’ll be interested in trying it out once a stable release candidate comes out. It’s definitely more secure, even in beta, than the finalized current version.

      And now, we wait. It took them 3 years to get this far, so hopefully in another year, we can all use this great program.

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