Photoshop Project (UPDATED)

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      Check this out, I made this after working for 2 hours in Photoshop and countless hours messing around with Premiere
      This is what I basically do when I create a design, I change my mind a lot and I never really know how something is going to come out. This was originally 2 hours but I edited it and compressed it down to 8 minutes to save you some time =P
      Please watch the entire thing and leave feedback or CC

      Watch the video =]

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      This is a great showing of your creative process!

      Nice HK cityscape.

      How do you like using DailyMotion for video hosting?

      -Andrew @ videomaker

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      Well I uploaded it everywhere else, and I worked on it for two days because it’s my first time doing something like this, I was very impatient and DailyMotion was the first site to have it up, Google Video was processing and Youtube was processing. I didn’t bother uploading at other places.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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