Photoshop Camera Raw problem?

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      Hey guys… So here’s my problem.

      I have a Canon XS Rebel, and i always shoot on RAW mode. I Use Digital Photo Professional to view and organize my pictures and i use Photoshop Camera Raw and Photoshop to edit my photos. My problem is that when i take a picture with a different color mode on my camera (Sepia, black and white, or even if i change the saturation of colors) they show up on DPP but not on ACR. And that is really getting on my nerves, because i might take THE PERFECT PICTURE on my camera, but then i can’t edit it using PCR, and i seldom get the exact same colors as i did with the camera. So heres an example. The left one was exported using DPP, and i didnt edited it, just straighted it. The one on the right was exported using PCR, and did not show the sepia tone.

      I understand RAW is not supposed to carry any color change information, so i would have to shoot in JPEG if i wanted the sepia tone….but is there any way to bypass this? So i can edit my Sepia picture on PCR?

      Thank Guys!

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    Are you saying that shooting with the sepia preset is creating a jpeg file and not a .CR2 file, which is what Camera Raw generally likes?

    Are you on a Mac or PC? I’m on a Mac so what I’d do is go to:

    Photoshop > Preferences > File Handling. In the File Compatibility section of the dialog box (about half way down) check the ckeckbox labeled “Prefer Adobe Camera Raw for JPEG Files

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    Well, i didn’t know you could actually use Camera Raw for JPEGS. But that’s not the case.

    My camera is creating a .CR2 file, but the sepia doesn’t show on Camera Raw. And i am on a PC. It’s like Camera Raw is not reading the Sepia part of the photo…

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    really? hmm…weird. I have a rebel too, I’ll have to give it a shot when I get home from work tonight….IF I get home (late night tonight)

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