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      Is there a program out there that can compete with Adobe Photoshop CS4? I’m not a big Adobe fan and I would like an alternative to it for use with my Sony Vegas. Does everyone just use the built in effects? I have Windows.I am also trying to fix, improve, work on, vintage film for a documentary. Red Giant doesn’t make Film Fix any more. What’s my best bet? Thanks, Steve

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      I use Microsoft Paint

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      I personally like Paint Shop Pro – I find it much easier to use. Not as powerful or expensive as PS but I use it all the time.

      As for FX, I think most folks get add ons – at least the free or cheap ones… Vegas has some good ones bundled in but I know if I won the lottery there are others I’d pick up.

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      I’ve used, but for me personally there’s no substitute for Photoshop.

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      “I use Microsoft Paint”

      Liar!(said jokingly)

      Rob I thought you were a hardcore ‘macie’, how you figure on using MS Paint? That program hasn’t changed much since I had it on my first laptop back in ’94! (Packard Bell 386 intel chip with a 4MB hard drive. That’s right “4MB’s”)

      Shoot man, I’ve been using Phoshop so long the last time I used anything else was Corel Draw on that old packard bell in ’95! Corel Draw is still out and I do believe Paint, and Paint Shop Pro are the leading contenders to the Adobe throne. Outside of that, there ain’t much but a lot of ‘el Cheapo’ software that can do a decent job. But if you want to do anything professional looking, Adobe or Corel are your only games in town.

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      Yea I was just joking, lol. Was in the mood for getting smart i guess. Sorryyyy

      In all seriousness though, chitown, as others have suggested, there isn’t much that competes with Photoshop.

      If you’re a hobbyist, you can get by without it I guess, but if you want to work professionally you certainly have to know at least the basics of Photoshop.

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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      “if you want to work professionally you certainly have to know at least
      the basics of Photoshop”

      I totally agree. Photoshop is a powerful tool that really makes the difference between professional and amateur. You can do the job with Paint Shop Pro also, but Photoshop is like the “God”, all others are “mortals”.

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      “… Photoshop is like the “God”, all others are “mortals”.”

      But the messed up part is, Adobe knows that as they look down upon us from on high atop the heavens.


      I’m surprised your nose didn’t smash through your monitor tellin’ that whopper even in jest! One of my techs nearly jumped out of his skin when I shouted ‘Liar!’ after reading that line.

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      I always use Gimp to do all my photo editing. Probably because I’ve been using it for so long, I’m not ready to spend the time to learn photoshop.

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