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      I just finished the Tsunoda Wedding and it was a very nice wedding.

      They also hired a photographer.AfterwardsI wastalkingto some friends and was wondering something (we had anotherfriendget married the exact same day inWisconsin who did not hire either) With digital photo cameras getting as good as they are and software like Picasa is the wedding photographer going to soon be a thing of the past? Is the videographer going to be the way to go? This is why I ask. With the cameras today and even Picasa many can get photos good “enough” to put into analbumor on the wall. In fact the “Aunt Joan” photos of today are on par with my wedding photos from 1988, and we paidhandsomely. But video, well in doing the Tsunoda wedding I cracked open my NewBlue FX. Man did that push my computer to the max. A few times I thought I was going to throw a rod, and I have some serious hardware. So to get the effects that ones here are able to do is beyond the ability and cost of most. And in researching some of your videos here, you guys are good from what I have seen, most of America can’t afford this hardware or software, and then there is artistic talent. And it seems that I am witnessing a change of thinking from ones wanting video. Tara (the bride in the wedding I just did) did not want a video. Yusuke came over with his M-I-L saw a complete wedding video I did, and that was it. I gave them a copy so he could show Tara. When I got to the wedding I had first run, even over the photographer. Also I was seated right next to the B&G table to ensure the best shots. Tara WANTED that video. I was stunned.

      So what do you guys think? Will photos for the most part end up in the back and video in the front?

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      Grinner Hester

      Your intuition is correct, hence so many photographers having a problem with videographers. They know that’s who is replacing them. People will always want photos of the big day. The videographers will be the ones printing em out for em.

      Still strange. Folks have never had a problem shelling out a couple of grand for some dude to snap some stills and dang near be done with it. Ask for that same amount to put a couple of days into post after working twice as hard on the shoot and often they are still balking.

      Don’t lower your rates to counter this. Raise them. The cheaper your services are the cheaper they will be viewed as.

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      Well right now I have my top package at $1,250.00 Which I now know is low. But it will come up. I was able to pick up another camera as well.

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      Grinner Hester

      So you are doing this for like 8 bucks an hour?

      Dude, you are charging less than the still photog. You want to be known as the best in town, not the cheapest. See what happens if you raise your lowest package to twice what you are charging right now for your highest. I garantee you’ll not see less bookings. I can tell you take pride in your work. Get paid for that, my man.

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      Grinner, I know you and Earl are 100% correct. But I have a major mountain. The area around here is double digits unemployed. People in Nashville are not going to hire someone from 100 miles away. The only 4 towns I can possibly get work in is Livingston, Cookeville, Sparta and maybe Crossville, but the latter is a long drive.

      Things in this area are so bad right now that (and I am honest here) I see less and less stray dogs and cats. I see people in stores buying cat food for themselves. When I moved here back in the 80’s it was one of the fastest growing areas in the country. But that said there are some good things happening in the spring. With thestimulusgrants from last year there are 2 massive huge private gated communities coming in less the 20 miles from me. These are really self contained small towns. Also an electronic company has opened up a factory in my town and over the winter they are setting up the systems, in the spring SUPPOSE to employee 5,000 people total. So baringArmageddon,GlobalThermalNuclearWar,asteroids, or any other unlikely event this area should see major changes in the spring. I am thinking that perhaps ride out thisslowperiod and in March do the increase. I am not sure, but then that is why I am seeking advice here, the back and forth.

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      Grinner Hester

      The depression is all over, not just in TN. Fact is though, therre is money to be spent. If not, man, you wouldn’t see folks spending needless moola on weddings at all. Many mothers of the bride buy things for one purpose… to tell their peers how much they spent on it. I call it Neiman Marcus syndrome. Crazy? you bet. My point is you will find you have been handicapping yourself with low rates if you just have the confidence to stick your chest out and charge what you are worth.

      I love that general area. Location matters not to anyone hiring a vidiot for their wedding. If you are willing to make the haul, it won’t so much as come up in a conversation. I lived in both Hermitage and Goodlettesville when I worked at CMT. You can often guage a city’s economy by it’s night life and you’ll seldom see a dead evening down by the river in Nashville. Folks are still spending. Heck, most of em are still calling this depression a recession and most of those are convinced things are on the mend. Capitolize on that while ya can, man. As you know, things will get worse before they ever get better. A nest egg won’t be a bad thing… for any of us.

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