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      I’m new to this forum and so glad I found you. I’m looking for a good photo montage software and came across a website ( that uses a great one. If someone could visit this site and tell me what they use I’d be so happy.

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      ConnieK Wrote:

      If someone could visit this site and tell me what they use I’d be so happy.

      Welcome aboard!

      I quickly took a look and by observing some of the complex compositing, it looks like it was done by an NLE (Non-Linear Editor) type program. I’m not real sure which one. It could be either: Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas or maybe even Pinnacle. These programs are designed for video, audio and photos as well. I do the same thing and I use Premiere Pro.

      Some of the photo management programs out there have this capability too but they are somewhat limited as to what types of effects they can do.


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      It depends on what you’re looking at – The video segments are certainly cut in one of the NLE’s on the market – The photo montages on the menus are Macromedia Showckwave/Flash animations.

      You can tell a lot by going to the page in question, then right clicking on the background of the portion of the page you are looking at and right clicking your mouse, then selecting "View Page Source" for FireFox or eight clicking and selected "View Source" for Internet Explorer.

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      I found a great one!

      If you go to you can see some examples there under "slideshows".



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