pho 214 final project for students in the class

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      I posted a similar topic like this yesterday, yet when I checked today it was deleted. Really?

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      What class Brian? What is “pho 214” and what project for what students in what class and why is it, or should it be, relevant to the forums participants. There’s no problem with something that might be of universal appeal to VM forum folks but a bit more information regarding this, its overall purpose and from where it originates might be helpful to keep your post up.

      You JUST joined, and immediately post something that is somewhat vague and ambiguous IMHO so I removed the original post. I’ll give it a chance if you can expand on what this is all about and why it might be relevant or useful to the general VM forums population.

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      Earl, I just did a quick search on the web and it may be related to college photography. It could be relevent here as I got my start in photography and moved onto video. The basics of composition are the same and the rule of thirds and all that jazz. A better explanation from Brian would be helpful.

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      PHO 214 is “Videography and Film I”.

      I just joined because I created a profile while I was in the class that I have referred to be able to post a topic on this website. The purpose of the topic? A place where my fellow classmates could come and collaborate / share ideas about the final project in my class.

      I went to the computer lab at my college upon posting the original topic to print out multiple URLs of the topic which I gave to a majority of my classmates. The original URL was <span class=”yshortcuts” id=”lw_1300677286_0″> Now the URL isn’t same so when my classmates type in the URL I gave them, they will be directed to the main forums page. If you could revert the URL of this topic to the URL of the original one or just undelete the original topic itself that would be great.</span>

      How this would be relevant to the forums participants? My classmates would have to create a profile to post on this form, thereby making them participants and this topic would be inherently relevant to them. If there’s other people who are taking a similar class and also have final projects this topic could also be relevant to them.

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      My first post on the original topic was “This a forum for students in PHO 214 that
      want to post any ideas they have about their project or want to
      collaborate to organize a video shoot.”.

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