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      HI guys,

      i am in need of help recording a Voice Over.

      I am recording onto a minidisc recorder and then transfering this to the PC usinf the Audio Mixer in Premier (pro).

      The problem i have is that even without any input going into the Pc, i am getting a Low P’h p’h p’h sound being recorded.

      At first i thought that the heads needed cleaning on the recorder, but once i had done this, it was still there, so i checked the playback through headphones and the sound was spot on.

      I didnt know what was causing it, until i was adding some Voiceover and wasn’t concentrating on what i waas doing and continued to record well after the track had stopped playing and the player had turned itself off. I noticed that even though the player was off i was still egtting this sound. So i simply recorded sound to the timline without any device or cables connected to the PC, and again go this noise.

      So, does anyone know what is happening? I have noticed that i can capture Sound using the File> Capture> Audio Only, but as yet have not tried this.

      Unfotunately i am not using a dedicated sound card, instead using the onboard sounds processor of the PC, and cannot install one as i have no more PCI Slots.

      One other question, when recording Narrative (antyhing really) i have been told to keep the sound level at -12db, but i dont know if this should be the Peak sound or the Constant sound. If it is the Peak sound then the Constant sound is really Low.

      Thanks in advance,


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