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      Hello All;

      Sorry I have not posted for some time. Way too much going on, we bought a house and I will get my studio back, and well tons more. But anyway I have a problem some of you may have had. We have a friend that as a family we are very close to. She bought a 130+ year old house here in the south and on her own restored it to what it was then. Man it is way beyond beautiful In fact when you are inside you feel like if you look out the window you will see Confederate Solders on the front lawn. She even furnished it with period furnishings.

      Perfect location for a perfect movie, if I had an idea. It is a huge two story with the narrow winding stairs, and the every scary basement.

      My sons says make a horror, but I am not a horror man, I am also not one to make it set in the 1860’s because I abhor the way people treated people then.

      So any other ideas? I hate to see a good set go to the way side/

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      Not going to give you any ideas for obvious reasons. However, when you’re looking to create something go to the location and spend some time there. Ideas are cheap. Let your imagination run and see what pops up. Eventually an idea will get in your head and not go away. At that point start writing. See what you come up with. When you get something you like, start the process of turning it into a script. All that will have cost you is your time and creative energy. The script will be the thing that will be the decider for whether you’ve got something you can move on or not.

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       Gregory, as composite suggested go to the house and soak it in. While you are there get out your camcorder and shoot. Maybe pretend you are shooting a real estate video. This might spark an idea or two. At the very least you will acquire some great b-roll. Maybe put together a video tour to give to the owner which could come in handy, heaven forbid, they might need it for insurance purposes. Keep shooting.

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      Gregory as composite1 and vid-e-o-man have suggested go to the house and spend time there. Recently, I went up to my farm in North Florida to spend a weekend there. I have been struggling with coming up with a new script idea that centered around my farm (actually for a few years now) but just kept coming up with nothing but a blank. By the end of the weekend I had the script idea down on paper. I sat out in the hay field with my tunes on, cleared my head and started running stories about the farm through my head. I will tell you this, it really works. During the evening I sat by the fire ring with a nice fire going and it just all came to me.

      Go spend time at the house, walk around there, relax there, and envision various stories and how the house could play a role in the story. I am a believer – it works. Last year we headed to Seattle to do a shoot – had no idea what we were going to shoot; we were thinking maybe just good B-roll but for sure we were going to do a shoot in Seattle. First day there, we walked the city, hit the Pike Market, the waterfront, the Needle and walked the city streets. By the end of that day we had our story and what to shoot. The next day we went out and shot over 3500 photos and about 6.5 hours of video. It’s fun, it should be and remain fun and when it all comes to together man that’s the good stuff.

      For what it’s worth – now you have my two cents.

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      Hello all and thanks for the suggestions. My wife has gotten into helping me on my projects and my oldest son will sometimes give me feedback (he is 22). Well we had to go into Cookeville late last night to pick up some red wine, stuff is excellent for kidneys. Anyway We started talking about Baylock Manor. I understand about not posting concepts, I would not have expected it I guess my question came out of my mind wrong. I wanted you to see the place so here are some photos I took..

      I got distracted from my thought. Anyway on the way to Cookeville my son and I started tossing around concepts, my oldest son is the most natural actor in front of a camera it is just spooky, but he has never wanted anything to do with acting. Anyway he and I started tossing around ideas and we came up with an excellent concept. A very integrating story line. In fact it involves a subject very close to his heart. So I tossed it out to him to play the lead, his eye brows went up, and he said “HUM” very thoughtfully. So I have two projects to get canned then in the late summer I will engage this one.

      OH, I also happened upon a strange partnership. I have another close friend that owns a chopper and airplane. He loves to fly but has a hard time getting someone to go with him. So I am now going to be his flying buddy and he is going to help with aerial shots, at no cost to me. So my summer project will have its first chopper shot. And If you remember back to my first post here about 2 years ago I was a one man show, today I have access to a crew of about 20, all working just for 15 seconds of fame. I was also able to go out and pick up some really nice equipment, so I was really busy for the last few months that I dropped off the site. But I now have three projects planned, and the crew to help and as many as 4 HD 1080 cameras that are at our disposal, one waterproof, suppose to be able to handle short falls, but I have not been apt to test it out.

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      YOu could always do research on the town you might find something that is significant to the homes history if you want to go that way but if not going for a historic like story you could always just go with what you come up with from the images in your head of the time period you want your movie to be like even if its completely fictional

      keep us updated on the project please

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      @Larry: I will, By the time I finish this project it will be too late for the Nashville FF. The other two I have in mind are for that. But when I finish this one I will post it on my YourTube channel. This is a just for fun personal project, more so since it may be my sons second project but one he wants to do. The first one I guilted him into doing, an AT&T advert.

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      do some research.. a place that old has a history… somewhere in that history there must be a story, waiting to be told.

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      A house like that is a perfect dropback for drama and drama / suspense. The colors and some decor lend themselves to a contemporary story despite the antique furnishings. I think the windows in this house are interetsting, and could really work in developing a concept. I htink you could even tell a complete story without ever leaving the house, or at least the grounds.

      I don’t see horror, but certainly suspense. Could have visitors come, and maybe a curious child finds something that opens up the past a little, maybe a long-forgotten secret?



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