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      Trying to get some good audio on board, but not exactly sure how to do so. I have a shotgun mic for the hot shoe and although I don’t own a camera yet, I was looking to purchase the the Canon XH A1s which has two XLR inputs. The shot gun mic plugs into one and the other, I think would be a lav mic reciverhooked to my outboard mixer. One output of mixer going to Hard disk recorder and onemixer outputbeing sent back to the camera with a wireless transmitter. Is there some kind of bodypack “reciever” I could wear that has a cord to run up to the other XLR input on the camera? If that were the case, my headphones plugged into the camera should work fine, pending there are no latency issues with the wireless signal. Am I missing something? Is there an easier way to get complete mobility and perfect audio?

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