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      This is a short no-budget film/visual effects learning experience based in London. So far we have a script and permission to use various locations. This is the first time we’ve attempted this kind of thing so we’re sort of inexperienced.

      With it being no-budget we can only afford to pay for food, transport, etc. Anyone who wants copy of the footage can have one on VHS/DV Tape. After I finish the post-production work (editing, CG scenes, CG characters, etc) I will send everyone a DVD of the finished video. The post-production work will take a number of months and will be done while Im studying at Gnomon school of visual effects in the US.

      Anyone who’s interested or for more information please email me at


      WORKING TITLE: "Fear and Paranoia"

      Janet investigates the disappearance of her "worse half", Charles, when he leaves town following a murder. Charles meets some strange characters while fleeing his imagined incarceration. Will Janet find him before he looses the plot entirely?

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