Pentax K-01

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      My favorite company Pentax has added a new mirrorless camera to it’s lineup and they have paid serious attention to video makers!

      this is a serious tool that I hope videomaker will review when available in March.

      I can attest that the video from the pentas kr d-slr was good enough for pro work I’ve done for national magazines… but this k-01 is even better…

      this is a full size aps-c sensor (upgrade from the Pentax k-5 which dxolabs testing placed higher than all other aps-c sensors and some full frame 35mm sensors at the time of testing) and Pentax m or a series lenses have a beautiful feel/throw to them for pull focus and manual focus..some of the best prime lenses in the business!

      anyways it has manual audio controls with gain control.. the usual choices of video formats….. dedicated video rec button and live hdmi output!

      For $750.00 with a prime lens!

      This will as the K-5 it is derived from, hold it’s own against many top level pro d-slrs for a lower cost! and Pentax lenses are plentyful and affordable!

      I plan on buying two as soon as they’re available!

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      Pentax K-01 – video

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      and no I don’t work for Pentax… I am just really excited about htis camera!

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      Whoa…That baby is bright like the sun!!

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      Well are you intent on taking images OF it or WITH it?

      Who cares if it’s pretty on the outside as long as it takes pretty images on the inside? It is a tool… sure compared to classic slr’s like the Pentax lx, me super or mz5n it looks like it was designed by volvo and bought by a hippie, but f’k it, John Lennon wasn’t much of a looker, didn’t care for his clothing or car….even his wife was ugly if you ask me.. but I was buying his music!

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