Peabody Award For Video 101 Docs; Can You Believe It???

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      The Peabody Award is huge. Like a Pulitzer or Nobel except this is the one recognizing amazing achievement in electronic media productions. Bryan Williams got this award for his Katrina coverage. Spike Lee just won for his New Orleans doc. Several other HBO productions won this year. Below is a link to a set of short docs giving basic instruction in documentary film making that also won the Peabody this year. It’s really good and worth looking at, but the fact that it won the Peabody is still a mindblowing thing. The many posters looking for tips about making instructional videos, check this out as a model for your projects. And definitely this free on line resource is recommended for potential video geniuses who are just starting out.

      Appears to be the work of a British TV station. Michael Caine or a soundalike does the narration.

      Ch-ch-check it out!


      REGARDS … TOM 8)

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