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      As I think I was maybe responsible for getting this new section added I will kick it off with this question –

      Most of the new users will download the trial version of PD7 as I did recently.

      What actually happens when you decide to buy? Does it download the whole lot again or just the extra stuff not already included in the trial version?



      PS It is supposed to be a 30 day trial but I was unable to use it after only 18 days – today. I have sent a query email to them.

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      I have the full (ultra) version of Cyberlink PowerDirector 7 – very nice, entry level pro quality consumer software.

      Yes, I believe you get the full softwarepackage when you purchase and install PowerDirector from the website. You will definitely get it if youbuy the retail (box) version. If you are “Upgrading” (from an older version), the price will be lower andsetup might be a bit different. Ironically, I had PowerDirector 6 on one PC, and was able to purchase an Upgrade to v. 7 and install it on another system with no records of an earlier version.

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      Trial users who purchase the product will get an activation key that unlocks the software, plus an activation pack that adds features not included in the trial (which is designed to be a smaller download).

      Of course, everyone who purchases PowerDirector for download from our website gets the full retail version (the same software that is in the boxed version). Plus, you get access to DirectorZone, where you can download additional DVD templates, titles, objects and motion objects.



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