PD150 High Op hours – Opinion?

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      Hi all,

      I’m thinking of purchasing a used PD150 Sony PAL Camcorder with the following hours:

      Operation 304 x 10h
      Drum Run 104 x 10h
      Tape Run 67 x 10h
      Threading 358 x 10h

      The seller claims the product is in good condition, but the drum and tape hours seem to be approaching their life expectancy, so I guess I’d just appreciate any kind of advice as to this one.

      I’ve asked the service history and use of the camera and i’m waiting the seller’s response. What are the typical problems associated with a camera of this age? I’m not keen to buy the camera only to have it serviced and find that half the inards need replacing!


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      Usage is high, over 3000 hours; don’t know what life expectancy is, but this cam has seen a lot of action.

      Assume you are on a tight budget, since you are looking at used. If there is any way you can stretch for a new PD170 or its consumer comparable(video quality wise), the VX 2100, do it. You will never regret it.

      These SD cams beat the pants off ofall of the HD cams out there for available/low light situations, unless you have several $10,000 bills to spare. I am still constantly amazed (after all these years) at how great my ongoing band shoots look, though shot in funky lit clubs. I know it isn’t supernatural, but it could be.

      I don’tthink I’d pay more than $500 for a 150 which has been busy for so long,and that would include all of the extras they would throw in. And I wouldn’t pay that without giving the cam a test run.


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      I definetly wouldn’t get a camera with that many hours on it. It just really doesn’t seem like a good idea to me.

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      Great, Thank you both so much for the replies. In the end I didn’t win the bid on ebay and it was fine, as being in China, I’m not in a good position to fix issues with cameras that go puff, the moment they’re out the packing.

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