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      Is it necessary for PCI Express grapic card to be used for video editing such as Vegas ( which doesn’t need any external hardware ) for fast video capture & rendering in realtime. Help. Anyone?

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    While it is true that all video editing programs (except Vegas) run video effects and transitions off of the video card (RAM helps a little too), the actual rendering is done all with the CPU. Since my ultra-cheap 64MB nVidia GeForce 4 8x AGP video card handles loads of effects just fine, I see really no need for PCI-Express, except maybe for super high-end graphics and 3D animation and, of course, gaming πŸ˜€

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    Hi Rocktooloud,

    Thanks for ur encouraging reply. I have this question to ask, I notice that it takes almost 24hours to render a 60mins DVD movie using Vegas, is there anyway I can improves the rendering time. I actually use lots of effects, animation, titling & filters. I am thinking of using Matrox, but is it working with Vegas? or it is design just for Adobe Premier.

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    I believe the Matrox setup is only for Adobe applications, and nothing else.

    Also, it won’t give you anything for Vegas. (no performance boost)

    I’d say the best upgrade for a system running Vegas would be a better processor. Since Vegas does everything on the processor, buy the absolute best processor you can afford.

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    Thanks again. What PC setup is ur best recommendation? Any spec?

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    My best recommendation for Vegas? Well, if I were running Vegas, I’d like to have:

    Single Intel Pentium 4 3.4 GHz or higher, 800 MHz FSB
    Compatible motherboard with really good chipsets
    A Minimum of 1 GB RAM, but more like 2 GB and up
    Matrox Parhelia 128 MB AGP 8x TripleHead display card
    500 Watt power supply

    and everything else doesn’t really matter. Also, you might want to go for dual Intel Xeon processors instead of a single Pentium 4, but make sure Vegas has support for dual processors first.

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    thanks again! Rocktooloud,

    i need to know about the dual processor. If i get a dual processor, how to configure with Vagas 6? And if i get all the spec on my PC, how long do you think its take to render a 60mins DVD.

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    If you get dual Xeons, you won’t have to configure anything. Just make sure Vegas supports it. Otherwise, it’s a lot of wasted money.

    For example, when I launch Premiere Pro, it says, “Windows XP, Single Processor Detected”.

    As for rendering times, that I can’t tell you. It depends on your whole system setup and the software, and I’m not familier with Vegas.

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