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      I am interested in hearing experiences from users who have info about the pros/cons of switching from PC to Mac for video editing. I have a small business and edit just about every day, now using a 2-yr old Dell Precision workstation with Adobe Premiere Pro and Sonic DVDIt for authoring. I anticipate moving into HD in near future, plus have always experienced slow encoding; therefore I am looking to upgrade.

      I am looking at an HP xw8400 workstation with dual processors and 4 GB memory – that way I can upgrade to Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 and continue in that tradition (I have had reasonably good results with the hdwr/sw I have been using).

      However, I am tempted by the new Mac Pro with its "quad core" processor design — I have friends who swear by the Mac (for apps other than video). I realize there would be a learning curve with Final Cut Pro, but I have also heard great things about it, and am willing to switch if there is a clear-cut advantage.

      Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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      I have great news for you, moving to Final Cut from premiere is very easy. I started working at a company that used nothing but FCP and was forced to learn.(at the time I was a windows guy and hated macs) Now I love macs and use nothing but. FCP and premiere are both great editors and are very similar it shoud take you no more than a day or two to get up to speed if you already know premiere. (Final cut came to be because adobe would not port premiere over to the mac so Steve Jobs ordered FCP to be developed which explains the similarities) Also you could not pick a better time to switch to the mac. The Mac Pro’s are a great value (equvelent dells have been priced as much as 1000 above their mac counterparts) and they are very very fast. Also you will have the option to run windows (A dell will never have the ability to run OSX) so if you need to use a windows only app you can just install and boot into windows. Apple just released Bootcamp 1.1 which gets rid of all of the little problems people have been having with running windows on their macs.(which werent much of problems anyway)

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      I research the heck out of video editing apps before deciding on one platform to use… and here is what I concluded….

      1… at work we are a PC shop… so that leaned me towards premiere
      2… I don’t care WHAT you do in terms of video editing 3d animation or compositing… it ALL starts with photoshop.. an adobe product
      3…. Most of the people I know using final cut still use After Effects.. I’m not too familiar with Apple motion but it doesn’t seem to have the market share After Effect does.. so there is Adobe product #2
      4…. I LOVE the ablility to output to a PDF file with the new "clip notes" feature..
      5.. adobe bridge "KICKS SERIOUS BOOTY" I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to be able to work in two or three apps all at the same time and all dynamically updating each other… it’s saved me HOURS of critical time

      the platform has been TOTALLY stable and incredibly versitile.. and the new interface is great.. now i get to use all my adobe apps tightly integrated in a stable enviroment with all the professional features of final cut…

      you can go to final cut if you want.. There is no arguing the fact that they have the market share.. and
      I’m sure the power of OS10 will allow you to jump between application and constantly resave, reimport and rerender pretty quickly.. but me personally.. I found everything ineeded in premiere pro 2.0

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      Hi guys,

      Ive been in the Post-Production industry for nearly 10 years & most of that time I have worked on PC’s, I have worked with Avid, Sony Editstation (That’s going back a bit) & Final Cut Pro recently on the MAC platform.

      The reason why we went to Mac was that we were after a reliable OS, first of all I found the PC’s to be a bit un-reliable & the macs you can thrash them all day & they still keep going.
      The other main concern was having it all integrated, with Avid I was exporting to AE & back & forth & finding it a bit of a pain, with Final Cut the integration with Motion & Soundtrack is much more easier & to produce DVD’s I couldnt go past Studio Pro.
      And finally bang for buck, Apple’s destroy’s its competitors.

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      I was trained on FCP 3 and have had jobs on with FCP HD, AVID, Premiere and current job I’m using Sony Vegas.

      Over $15,000 – get an AVID package deal.

      If you want to spend under $15,000 get a mac.

      Premiere, Sony Vegas are as good as final cut. I’m not an apple guy per se, But… Windows is the problem, windows machines are terrible are editing. I’m sure Vista will be better, but if get a PC you just got to get used to the idea that your computer is going to crash once in a while. Especially if you are using lots of video files.

      In terms of aggravation avoided alone, Macs are worth the money. Also, these days they don’t really cost that much more. For about $4,000 you could get a really good editing suite from apple.

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      Steve Jobs did not order his apple guys to create FCP. FCP was developed by the same guy who made Adobe Premiere. He left Adobe to work for Macromedia on a video-editing program that was designed around Quicktime. Apple, then bought up the project. That’s why the two programs are so similar.

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      Apple just bought a company that make video organising and workflow toool for videographers.
      expect something like adobe bridge, to do for video, what iphoto/aperture does for photos, or itunes for music.

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      I use Adobe and Sony on laptop PCs and I have yet to crash one.
      1 PC has XP pro [VAIO] and the other has Media Center [Gateway].
      Never had one problem.

      I plan on holding off on Vista unless I see a clear reason to switch.
      Just like the poster of this thread, unless I see a real reason to move from one place to another….

      If you like Apple go that way but PCs are not all bad.

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