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      Which computer type is better at editing video. I have a PC but it is getting slower by the days. Are there enough software that is for video that can be used in a MAC. Also which one do you recommend me to get. All i use the computer for is to edit and watch my videos and go on internet like for yotube and other things. I am tired of having all types of error when editing.

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      This has been asked and answered so many times, in so many ways.

      I will say that my personal experience, having used PC, Amiga Toaster/Flyer and Mac (since its desktop publishing beginnings) now exclusively Mac & Final Cut Pro & its associated programs, even the iMovie, iDVD, etc. series, I am comfortable and pleased with the ease of use, stability and support experienced for the investment.

      You will, however, once this post gets a few more eyeballs, receive the whole gammut of comments, pro & con, regarding a smorgasboard of platforms and software. I suspect that should you opt for Mac-based production editing, you will have an overall pleasant experience and no serious regrets.

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      don’t get either. get a linear, tape-to-tape editing system.

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      >don’t get either. get a linear, tape-to-tape editing system.

      lol…do they make an HD version?

      I’ve been looking to upgrade my razor blade and tape editing system…

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      something to consider too… not to discourage youfrom going one way or the other… one thing that a lot of PC users don’t do is maintenance. Not defragging or virus scans yada yada yada… but when was the last time you opened the case and used some compressed air to blow out the heat sinks and fans? Heat slows computers down as much as bots and adware and viruses and junk programs. As far as going PC or Mac, it’s your decision, do your own research along with reading forums of the different software companies. That’s what I did. I read forums for pinnacle, adobe, sony vegas, final cut and others for a couple of months gathering information on the programs, what problems people were have having with their machines or software. I ended up going with the most comfortable platform for me (PC) and Sony Vegas. Your mileage will vary. In the end, it’s what’s going to give YOU the best bang for your buck to help you enjoy the creative process. or to make you more money. Good Luck.

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      IMHO, certainly PC-based editing is the most affordable to get into – a few years ago I was editing for local cable on a laptop that I bought on eBay for $150.00, and Premiere Elements – $100.00 – making decent television programming for $250 in editing equipment.

      I’ve since moved on to Macs and Final Cut Pro, but I still love to edit on a PC from time to time.

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      I think these people just like to watch the ‘fights’.

      I’m the polar opposite to EarlC. Started out with macs and moved to pc’s and been exceptionally happy with the choice. Like I have said in many other posts, I don’t hate macs (just their hype) and use them on occasion as needed to collaborate with my mac inclined collegues.

      Get what you can afford/what works best for you. Johnboy brought up several good points about research. Assess your needs/goals and balance them out with what you can afford. No matter what anyone says, no platform is better than the other. Computers crash, hardware fails, poop happens. What will matter to your intended workflow is how much will gear, software, tech support, time and a host of other variables going to cost you to get started and keep going? Do you want to buy a pre-made setup? Do you want to build your NLE? Both have their own headaches and rewards. Another thing no one seems to want to contend with is; how much support for your intended platform is in your area? If you live in a place where you can’t step off the curb without stepping into an apple store or repair facility, you should probably get a mac. If where you live the only apples anyone knows about are the ones you eat, but you can toss the cores in any direction and hit an authorized PC retailer or repair facility…. Nothing worse than having a critical piece of gear go down and the only way you can get it back online is to send it off.

      It used to be that mac’s were friggin’ expensive and pc’s were an affordable alternative. However, if you’re looking to roll into higher-end professional editing just short of the $10k mark, pro mac’s and pc’s are the same. For a pre-made setup you’ll spend some cash for a muscled up quad-core or octa-core mac, hp or dell. If you roll with a laptop, fuggeddaboutit. For the less than $3k semi-pro/pro systems again pc and mac are neck ‘n neck. If you’re trying to roll for less than $2k, finding an outfit that builds pc workstations are your better bet to get a reasonably powered machine to do serious editing with. At that level, both apple and its pc counterparts will have something that will barely get you going and load you down with a bunch of gimmicky consumer software bundles that you’ll want to take a flamethrower to.

      When it comes to software, again ask yourself ‘what do I want to do?’ Some software like FCP or Vegas only work with mac or pc (which I think is retarded.) Some play nice with either like Avid Media Composer, most of Adobe’s software and many others. You also better take into account what audio software you’ll need/want to work with. By which you’ll have all of the same considerations as with your editing software. All of which by the way will need to be paid for if you want a legit NLE.

      Despite what any of the hardcore ‘PCies’ or ‘Macies’ worldview may be, it’s a multi-platform world out here baby. Get used to it. Find what works for you and roll with it until it doesn’t, then roll with something else. HOORAH!

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      NICE!!! very good info.. thanks..

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      well I just couldn’t keep the PCs running. Went through several custom built PC editing machines, best video cars, best ram, best HDs, best MBs best software, but I was spending way too much time tech supporting them, going down all the time, so I bit the bullet, changed everything to Mac and much happier since – hard enough to learn new software – like learning a new language — then throw some errors that no one knows where they came from – makes it way too hard – less productive.

      Trying to get a handle on Shake just now. really hard IMO

      one thing I have to say about Mac…their Customer Service is the Best in the World! It was easy to get through to tehm when I did have a problem and not only that, but they fixed my machine even though it was out of warranty! Thats a stand up company and thats why they get my business! Call MS and tell them you have a three year old pc thats out of warranty and that you want something fixed on it – see how far you get.

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      “Are there enough software that is for video that can be used in a MAC.”

      There are lots of software for the mac for Video and audio editing, In fact Mac was the first to focus in this area. for professional level the top 2 are Final cut pro and Adobe premiere CS3 or CS4, If your going to edit video for a living i would get the Adobe Production suit CS4, I use FCP and like it, but if i had the money the Production suit will do a lot more, plus nothing beat Encore for burning your project, Yes that’s right, I said it, now thank me.

      “All i use the computer for is to edit and watch my videos and go on internet like for yotube and other things. I am tired of having all types of error when editing.”

      If your not going professional then a basic mac with Imove or Final cut express will work well for you. Nice thing about Macs is that you never need to defrag, there’s very few virus out there written for the mac, the mac does not slow down over time like the pc. but what i like most about my mac is the file structer, very neat and clean unlike the pc.

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      Typical of those spreading the ‘seditious fallacies of the mac doctrine’, ‘mac’ was not the first to focus in this area. The first company to create a true ‘non-linear editor’ was CMX (joint venture of CBS and Memorex) in 1971. The first non-linear editing computer was created by Editing Machines Corp with the EMC2 harddisk based offline editor in 1989. Two weeks later Avid Technologies introduced the Avid 1 with Media Composer which was based around an Apple II in 1988 (Apple had no initial input in developing the hardware or software). New Tek’s Video Toaster (Amiga Computers) was next in 1990. Premiere came out in 1991 and went cross platform in 1993. Apple did not get into the game until 1999 with Final Cut Pro because Steve Jobs wanted a product to compete with Premiere (funny how FCP & Prem Pro are nearly identical.)

      Oh and the ‘top two’ are not FCP and Premire Pro. Last time I checked, Avid is still the king dog, Sony Vegas is winning ground everyday (ask Les Stroud ‘Survivorman’ who switched from FCP to Vegas Pro) and Grass Valley is no slouch either. FCP is popular, no doubt but it is not ‘the industry standard’. As I have stated in numerous posts, ‘standards change’.

      You don’t have to ‘defrag’ a win vista computer either. Just like OSX (not prior versions) Vista automatically defrags when the system is idle. Oh and once and for all, the first major computer viruses were written for Apple Computers in 1982 (see “Rother J” virus.) The first PC viruses didn’t show up until 4 years later. And you’re right, there aren’t as many viruses as are for Windows, but most of the networks and computers on Earth run on the platform! Also, though OSX is based on the Unix platform and has more layers of code, since most macie’s have been lulled into a stupor of complacency, viruses can infect a mac (though not damage it) and cause it to be a carrier whereby the malicious code can leapfrog to other systems.

      I’ve used macs and pc’s over the years and I just prefer pc’s because it’s no prob for me to build what I need. In the 15 years since I have been using either I have gotten hit with 2 viruses, 1 on a mac and 1 on a pc. I also have never had a pc ‘slow down’ over time. If anything ever went wrong, it was usually a hardware failure (which happens to mac’s too.) 9.9 times out of 10, it was due to ‘operator error’. I’ve heard macie’s say it often, but define ‘file structure being neat and clean?’ I always found mac file structure to be obnoxious and was always more comfortable finding stuff on a pc.

      If your pc is slowing down, clean all of the junk out of the temp files. How long were you planning to hold onto all those cookies and webpages stored in your cache folder? A computer is a tool, just like a car or a gun. Keep it ‘clean’ and do regular basic maintenance on it and watch it last for years.

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      Funny Robgrauert, but I would go a step futher and suggest two Betamax Decks. ๐Ÿ™‚

      On a serious note. Rockstarrider: Both platforms are good. One of the major factors to consider isyour budget. About stability (viruses, etc) I tell people all time: If you get a PC for editing, keep it off the internet completely, never install anything except the software you need, it will be just as stable as any Mac.

      About cost: You can build an extremely powerful editing PC (Intel Quad Core CPU, 4Gigs RAM, 1TB Hard Drive, 1Gig Video Card) for under 1 grand. A comparable Mac will cost you from 2 grand to 4 grand. If you have that kind of money to spend, then it’s really your subjective judgment as to which would be better for you. (Also, yes there are sufficient compatible programs, as most of the top editing softwaretitles are available for Macs)

      It is also worth mentioning that many of the top feature films from companies like Pixar, Disney, etc. are edited on HP Workstations. That’s helpfull to remember in case any hard-core Mac-heads look contemptuously upon you if you use a PC. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Both platforms perform excellently, and ultimately the decision should be based on what you are comfortable with.

      Hope this helps,


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      As a lifelong PC user, I switched to Mac about 3 years ago. Not in a million years would I return to PCs. I’m not saying they don’t work. I’m saying if you don’t want to worry about what bloody video card works with what, what processor do you need to run what, what upgrade you’ll need to properly edit HD, how you need to keep your PC configured blah, blah, PC blah, then Mac is the way to go.

      I’ve always found in order to have respectable performance editing video on a PC, you needed to have a good understanding of the machine. I don’t care about knowing the inner architecture of my computer. I don’t have time to waste trying to figure out if this is compatible with that, etc.

      Macs, because they are so well designed and exceptionally reliable, don’t require you to be a computer guru. You buy one. You plug it in. You start editing. And, as M-323 pointed out, Apple customer care is not good, it’s bloody fantastic. No BS, no runaround, just good service.

      And unlike the mile-long list of considerations you need to make in order to select a proper PC that might do the job, you can choose ANY Mac currently on the market and start editing as soon as you plug it in.

      RockstarRider, try this for kicks: contact the big post-production houses in your area and ask them if they’re editing on Macs or PCs. Either answer should give you a bit more confidence about your purchase, but it would also benefit you to have the same platform as theirs, IF your intention is to collaborate in any way with them. Good luck.

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      You don’t have to be a ‘computer guru to run a pc’. And what Rockstar will find out when ‘he contacts the big production houses’ (if they bother to speak to him) is that many of them use both or either. And as I have mentioned in post after post, many people have switched from mac to pc (I’m one for certain.) I also have many mac using collegues that have mighty fine horror stories of dealing with mac customer service as well. If you don’t want to build your own, there are plenty of companies out there that can put together ‘an idiot proofed’ pre-built pc rig for you just like apple can. Besides, when you’re starting out you get what you can afford and will hopefully allow you to work at the highest point of the stage your currently at. I have seen many times people trying to ‘use what the big production houses use’ and get an expensive computer then can’t afford the software they need to work. I worked in a large and well funded production house that used mac’s but quickly found I couldn’t afford anything close to what they used. But I could afford an approximate PC and still have money left for software. The big houses use what they use because they can afford it. I guarantee you the instant something better comes along they’ll change.

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      Use whatever makes you happy. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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      I was “HAPPY” with my Amiga Toaster/Flyer, BUT the CPU went belly up on me and by that time Amiga was no mas. I have been pleased with other systems and platforms, but I only remember being consistently happy with my Amiga system.

      Oh well, at least I have a nice Mac/FCP operation and am satisfied, if not actually “happy!” ๐Ÿ™‚

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      >>>”You don’t have to be a ‘computer guru to run a pc’.”

      But it sure does help!

      >>>”many of them use both or either. And as I have mentioned in post after post, many people have switched from mac to pc (I’m one for certain.)”

      Every production company I’ve worked for uses both systems which is why it is important to understand both platforms. A good computer is a good computer…There are crappy macs and there are crappy pc’s.I don’t care if I useCS4 on a Mac or a PC…all I care about is if the computer has some guts!:)


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      Earl I don’t think you will be happy till you own NBC, CBS or ABC! LOL

      You have always strived for better. Which is a good thing! ๐Ÿ˜€

      Love your articles man!


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      Composite your about to blow a gasket mate. there was NLE software written forthe mac first then the PC, read what I mean not what I type what’s worng with you?

      It’s funny watching you trying helplessly to defend the PC “Piece of Crap”. Oh Oh your don’t have to defrag Vista, BS it stills has to be defraged, and the vista platform does not do a good job at it. face it, if vista was so great microsoft would not be giving people access to beta so soon as a “sorry we screwed up gesture.”

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      Please do not think that there is emotional attachment to these typed words. Since we are not face to face, you cannot see that. No ‘gaskets’ involved.

      ‘BS’, how since we are in a forum where only our written words are visible can I ‘read what you mean not what you type?’ And how by presenting sourced facts am I’helplessly defending the PC?’ Some of your statements were inaccurate and pure assumptions. I just shed light on them.

      Mac OSX+ automatically cleans volitile file fragments before they reach a certain size. Win Vista does the same thing by automatically doing the exact same thing.It’s just a feature that wasn’t included in earlier versions ofeither software.

      I make no apologies or give no accolades to Microsoft. Just like anyPC or Mac user, I don’t get a dime from Gates or Jobs for using their products.I’m not part of the ‘PC tribe’, I just like a good debate.The original question of this post was ‘which computer type is better at editing video?’ I like others involved in this forum have used bothplatforms in a professional capacity and the arguments I give are based on strictly on my experience with both. The answer by the way is still, ‘both have their strengths and weaknesses, so you will have to make a choice that best suits you.’

      I have said it many times, I don’t hate macs,just their hype.New, have you ever usedPC’s for your production work? I also was like you and believed the hype about Vista. We just built an NLE using Visa Business SP1 64-bitand I could kick myself for believing the hype. How do I know it works? I used it. I do agree with you about MS ‘screwing up’.Since XP, they’ve had an annoying habit of ‘artsying’ stuff up to look like macs and that’s just retarded. I’m not surprised though, since mac’s and pc’s are all but identical now. Parts and software grow more interchangable each day. With a partition, you can run Windows on a Mac and now with the Intel support built into the mac OS you can once again make your own ‘Hackintosh’ on a PC. So since the two platforms are so closely related, why are we still having this arguement?

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      No I can not Partition my G5 and run windows on it, and I will never own anything Intel makes.

      The copy of FCP I have runs just fine on my G5 and I have been buying up all the extra G5’s and parts out there so that I will never have to defile myself with anything that remotley resembles a PC.

      And to answer your question, No my last PC was a 8088

      Long Live the “True” Mac

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      Holy ‘Scopes Monkey Trial!’

      New, New, New,

      You’re bashing PC’s and you haven’t used one since the ‘8088’ series? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Well I do apologize for being so foolish in trying to present silly things like facts to someone who has no interest in seeing the picture from both sides. Thanks for the laugh cousin, I needed it.

      Go forth my friend and keep those blinders properly adjusted.

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