PC not recognising JVC Camcorder

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      New to this Forum so hope you guys can assist!! I cannot get my PC (or my laptop!) (both running XP)to recognise my JVC firewire port. Nothing happens when its connected. I have tried the following:

      The computer has two firewire ports (back and front) – all seem OK when connected to Laptop

      I’ve tried two different JVC cams: DVM5 and DVX10

      Have also tried – two firewire cables (in case one was US) and also a 4 pin to pin into the laptop

      I’ve tried all the remedies I can find on various forums (including the JVC one which says reinstall Direct X) – all to no avail. The crazt thing is that I’m sure I’ve connected Ok before with the same kit. Analog capture just inst an option so can anyone help please??

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      Does other firewire gear (harddrives, cameras) work with your laptop when connected? If not, either you have a bad 1394 driver or bad firewire hardware. If other gear works when connected, you may need to to a firmware update on your JVC camera. You can get that from JVC’s Pro portion of the website. Also, check if the camera will connect to another computer successfully. If so, again something’s up with your laptop. If not, you should send it in for servicing as your firewire input is most likely bad.

      Good luck.

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      is anything else utilizing firewire? with all software closed, does the computer recognize the camera when you plug it in and turn it on in vcr mode?

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      malcvxer: Icannot get my PC (or my laptop!) (both running XP)to recognise my JVC firewire port. Nothing happens when its connected.

      I’m not an expert with Firewire, but I doubt a “Fround New Hardware” balloon will appear as it does with a USB device.

      Have you tried performing the capture function on your computer after connecting the camcorder?

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      New Birth,

      If you don’t have any constructive technical advice to give please be kind enough to keep that ‘crap’ to yourself.

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