Pc for editing?

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People who are using PC's to do Video editing, what kind of pc's are you using Spects please? Also what kind of video cards are you using. I need to get a new pc or get one built Please Help ASAP

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I mainly use a dual core Athlon 64 (4200 - 2 x 2.2Ghz), 2 gig or RAM & GeForce 7300 GS graphic card, but I built that myself from parts a couple of years ago when that was pretty top spec. You'll do a lot better for the same money today.

No problems at all with SD and HD is fine as long as I'm not working with massive amounts of footage. But I'll be upgrading that in the new year now that I'm doing more HD stuff. I'd say you need to go better than the above if you can. Not so much in the RAM department, but get the best processor you can afford.

I'd be careful if buying something pre-built - PCs you buy retail tend to be as good as they can be. So if you buy something and then discover you'd perhaps like to fit a faster processor, you may need a new motherboard and different RAM modules, and even a different graphic card as well. If you're capable of building it yourself then I'd say do it because you can be selective about the components you use. The fastest processor you can afford now in a motherboard that can handle something even faster will leave you open to upgrade later when the faster chip you can't afford to buy now becomes cheaper.

This all depends on your budget, of course. You may even want to go quad core. That's where I'm going next. I recently started working with After effects so when I have that, Photoshop & Vegas running at the same time, I can tell it's struggling a bit.

You may well know this but if you're going to be building it yourself, use an anti-static wrist strap - they're a lot cheaper than replacing static damaged components! :-)

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I also have a athlon 64 dual core running at 2.45, it would be about a 4500+. it has a somewhat cheap geforce 7300gs card and 2- 1gb ddr2's running in dual channel and a 2 - 320gb drives. Its pretty fast but I think the intel cpus are faster, but they are more expensive, so you pick. It have a pinnacle pci - firewire & analog capture card. So if I need to copy old vhs tapes or my firewire JVC mini-dv Im set. My newest camcorder is usb. . An upgrade to a video card that offloads the cpu and does rendering would speed it up, so would a faster cpu.