Pay rates for short videos for major company?

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      Hi guys,

      Probably wrong forum wrong website for this but I found this place via a sort of related Forum post so thought I’d try my luck.

      I work on a project which *blah blah blah skip to the end* and a major clothing & company wants me to do product reviews for them in video format. The understanding is they provide all the gear, I just provide myself and my expertise in front of the camera.

      Does anyone have any idea how much I could charge for this? Even a ballpark figure to start me off?

      Expenses are a given for travel & food but I’ve no idea where to go from there. I’m not an actor, merely a subject matter expert who happens to look good on camera. The money would be paid for acting as in a Consultant role.

      Anyone done anything similar or hired people for something similar in the past?

      As I say, probably wrong site, but I’m hoping to find a producer that’s hired people in the past and can give me a steer. Although it’s a major company I can’t go in to rip the arse out of it.

      Many thanks for any help or guidance to a more suited forum!

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      Look at the Screen Actors Guild pay guidelines and see what they pay per hour. Are you going to be producing these videos yourself or is someone going to be taping you? Since you are an expert in the field, I would at least charge what the guild would charge if not a little bit more.

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      How you pay yourself is more function of accounting tahn anything else (1099 vs Sched C vs…) and your accountant should let you know what’s best and what’s legal.

      How much, on the other hand is a trickier thing – I have paid spokespersons anywhere from $0 to $50 an hour and have charged more when I have done it (voiceover work) – Where you are and how much they want you vs someone else will dictate the rate more than other factors (you said you are a subject matter expert – that’s gotta be worth a premium compared to just a talking head). Also, you can charge more in places like NY, LA, Atlanta, Chicago, etc… than you can in Potty Bluff Iowa – Depends on what the market will bear.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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