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      I spent a couple weeks editing a wedding in Final Cut Pro and it was flawless by the time I exported it. The exported movie played fine in Quicktime with no problems. However, after I imported the quicktime movie into DVD Studio Pro, it played back with at least five or six brief pauses throughout the movie. I went ahead and burned the DVD, thinking it would play O.K. after the format/burn. But the DVD plays the same way! What could possibly cause it to do this? I’m at a total loss as to what to do to fix this!

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      Interesting… If you exported it on to the wrong format,somethingother than MP2, it may be posable that when DVD Studio converted the file to MP2 itglitched. Don’t know that that would happen though. Did you try and drag the file in to DVDstudioand see if ithappenedthe same way again?

      Try exporting using Compressor. Export the video to mp2 and the Audio to the Dolby format and see if that works better for you.

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      bit rate may be too high….

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