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      I would like to put my videos online which are mostly from network and cable television so that potential clients can view my work. However, because of the legalities of SAG contracts, release forms and the distributors…etc., I’ve been told that they cannot be public videos.

      Does anyone have any suggestions for video hosting which would make all the videos password protected? In other words, a client would have need a password in order to see the videos.

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    You could set up a Youtube account, and have clients set as Friends. Youtube could allow only “up to 25” friends to have access to the videos that way. Not really the best way probably, but it’s a possibility.

    Beyond that you’d have to go with more detailed web development–setting up a secure site and hosting the videos on that site.

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    Thanks much for your suggestions but…

    To make a video private on YouTube, you have to list up to 25 email addresses of viewers. With Vimeo, you can add a password but like YouTube, you have to list who you’d want to share the video with. This doesn’t help me with potential clients — I never know who will want to see my work.

    Any other suggestions?

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    AvatarGrinner Hester

    You can use vimeo and give your clients the pw. You can always just host em yourself if not comfy with that.

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    “You can always just host em yourself if not comfy with that.”

    Yes that’s quite common to post a private page for your client to view if you have a website. Since you only give the client the address, they’ll be the only one to see it provided they don’t give it out. After they’ve seen it and given approval, take it down.

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    Thanks everyone. I think I’ll go with creating a private page on my website and see how that goes.

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    I just came across this tutorial–perhaps it’s just what you’re looking for?

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    My own humble contribution to the topic of creating and sharing online, password-protected instructional videos: I hope it will help someone.

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