Parts of my wide screen video are pushing through larger then wide screen

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      I export my video’s as 16:9 wide screen windows media file. What happens when I play it back to watch it is portions of the video are larger then 16:9. It’s weird, everything is perfect wide screen and then all of a sudden something pushes through larger then wide screen.

      Is there a setting in Premiere that makes it so that the video is 16:9 wide without anything being allowed to be larger then that?

      For an example, take a look at a video I just edited for my website home page, About 27 seconds in you’ll see a graph also showing “1200%” push through and end up larger then the normal wide screen. At 32 seconds the next shot pushes through at the bottom. Then it happens a couple of other times.

      This isn’t the only video that does this. I’ve got one ready to go now but I can’t use it because it’s pushing the size too large and making the video look funny.

      I need to find a solution and hopesomeone can help.

      Thank you.


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      Though I don’t normally go out of my way to help out the ‘comp’, looks like you either didn’t rescale the graph image or you didn’t place the letterbox over the entire timeline when you went to export. Letterboxing is the very last thing to put in/overlay just before rendering. If you go back to the original timeline and scrub through to where the graph comes forward you’ll see it pop out. Another thing that’s possible is you didn’t size the graphic to 16:9. It looked like 4:3.

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      If you’ve got a lot of motion involved, I’d check back carefully at your track motion settings/keyframes. On par with what Composite said, it’s probably a scaling size/track motion problem, if not a software glitch.

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