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      Hi guys, nice to be here 🙂

      I’m 19 (relatively ametuer filmmaker) Me and my younger brother (10) are going on a week trip to Paris then to a small town for a wedding then back to Paris before returning to England. I thought i would be a great idea to film the whole thing (i am quite an experienced editor) into a 30min comedy documentary. I guess the best thing is to see where the wind takes us but i was wondering if anyone had some tips on this sort of thing? Maybe i should fake a bit of a story?

      I was also wondering if someone could give me some links to similar films, like Paul Merton In China. I couldn’t really find many examples of this type of thing though.

      I was going to use a simple low quality home camcorder, is this a really bad idea? Then again i dont have much money

      Thanks very much

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      The thing to remember when doing a documentary is that the people you interview are going to create the story. But you can kind of control what they say by asking them the right questions. Even though this is going to be a comedic project, still take the time to plan it out. Know what you want in your video, (i usually start with who, what, when, where, why and how) and then construct questions that you can ask people who will fill in the blanks.

      keep in mind that just because your goal is to be funny, it doesn’t mean you can reduce your production values. It’s not funny when a video is poorly made.

      About you camera, if it’s a low quality camera, you might want to anticipate the fact that the reception my not have much light. So if your camera doesn’t perform well under low light conditions, invest in an on-camera light.

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      whats an on camera light? just a light that fits to the camera? i could just tape a torch on to it!

      i think most of the quality will come from the shots,dialogueand editing. Thetechnicalquality of the footage will not be so good and i imagine there will be lots of handheld shaky shots – but i think that will work when mixed in with still shots of landscapes.

      So do you think i should try to fake some storylines? or have one underlying storyline? writing storylines is a bit of a weakness of mine

      I was also a bit concerned about the sound quality, how well is a simple home camcorder going to pick up dialouge in a crowded city.

      Thanks for your help

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      haha..yea a torch would work too. Nah, but seriously, an on-camera light is exactly what you said. I think your camera needs something called a “shoe” though. This is where your light will attach itself too. So look into an on-camera light. You may want one that is battery powered as well, not one that is going to draw power from your camcorder battery, unless you have a few batteries.

      as far as the story, that’s up to you. If you’re trying to make it funny, you may want to come up with questions with the intention of getting funny answers. Since you’re going to a wedding, people may not have the idea of trying to be funny since it’s a formal event.

      as far a sound, it will probably suck. you may want to invest in a lavalier mic for the interviews and/or a shotgun mic. both are quite pricey.

      check out

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      Depending on where you are going to shoot you may need permission. If you are staying in tourist areas it shouldn’t be a problem.

      Have fun!


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      G009, to improve your video learning a few French words might help you to brake the ice.

      Good luck with your endevour! Bon voyage 🙂

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      thanks guys 🙂

      what about the mic? should i buy an external one?


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