paralyzed: need ideas to get the most control with my set up

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      I’m a quadriplegic, no movement below my shoulders, I drive my wheelchair with a joystick chin controller, very simple, if i push the joystick forward and release that will put the chair in drive, then any direction I push on the joystick I go, I’m looking for somebody that has knowledge/ideas for me to be able to use the record on/off, zoom in/out, pan/tilt with my chin and/or mouth on my panasonic HMC150 and PROAIM JR. PAN TILT in my chair

      take a look to see my set up so

      I have a Panasonic HMC150
      invacare electric wheelchair (2005 – TDX 3 Storm with 2 – 12 volt batteries)

      hopefully i’ll be able to use my chair batteries as a power source

      still need a monitor – I was recommended marshall or Ikan v5600

      I use a modified xbox 360 controller to play video games so one idea is to use the same

      I was thinking about having a control box similar to my Xbox 360 controller made, so I would use the pan/tilt I have and buy aZoom/Focus/Iris & Zoom Controlnot necessarily this brand

      inside the pan/tilt controller there are two plugs going from the circuit board to the joystick, each plug has 3 wires, so unplug and wires from joystick and extend wires to a new control box, I could have the original control mounted somewhere else on my chair so I wouldn’t have to put the rather large original components in the new controller, just use the joystick control wires going to the new controller, then take apart the Zoom/Focus/Iris & Zoom Control and find a place to mount on new controller using the original plug to put in the back of camera

      I also have a r/c truck i control using anairplane controller, I only use the right joystick, it does forward, reverse, and turn,videoof me controlling truck

      I’m sure it won’t be easy but any ideas, suggestions, and help will be appreciated

      if you read this post thanks for looking

      sean kelley

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      A LOT of information here, Sean, and frickin’ awesome what you’ve researched, acquired and done already. I am going to read and research in depth your entire post again, and AGAIN, and visit the links that I’ve already perused, but want to get a better grasp on.

      I am totally intimidated and cannot even begin to imagine how I could augment your setup to improve, but I’ll tell you what – this starting point, what you’ve done, where you want to go and get with all this, and your video is ONE HECK OF AN AWESOME ARTICLE FOR Videomaker magazine.

      I hope you will consider submitting something from your perspective, how you’ve gotten to where you are now, and where you want to go with this. I think there are hundreds of others facing similar difficulties who would benefit from what you’ve already learned and picked up on, and whatever posts/comments might be forthcoming.



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      thanks earl, i know it’s a lot of information but i figure the more i give the less others have to ask, i do appreciate you reading my post and even more that you are going to take a good look into what i have

      i figure once i do get my rig set up i’ll be able to document everything, so submitting my perspective on things will not be a problem

      thanks again,


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      right off the batt, I can tell you you’re gonna need a 24 volt to ac power converter. next time I have my robot apart I’ll check to see what brand I’m using (or my wife who does the bookkeeping may know where we ordered it from) my sony camcorders ac cords plug right in and nothing fried… mines 400 watts and you’ll find it draws little from the chair batteries….

      next you’re gonna wanna find out what lanc type controllers your camera has then decide whether you want to go high tech (as in Arduino/phidgit controller to whatever plugs connect to your camera… or… low tech and go with switches and h-bridge wiring to whatever plugs into your camera….


      will be helpful.

      search for projects that use wii-motes and iphones to control rc cars

      and also other robotic projects for ideas.

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      the next step depends on HOW your panasonic lanc controller works…. and getting the xbox controller set up you already have to control the camera… may be as simple as wiring it up, may need a micro controller like I already mentioned…

      hope I helped!

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      if it can be made to control a car, it can control a camera…

      good luck…

      (found that on hacaday)

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