Panasonica HVX200 or Panasonic DVX100B?

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      I am an aspiring filmmaker, but I just went through the whole nine yards about the 24p technology and it’s the closest to looking like FILM!

      But then you have the whole High Def Craze! I know people told me that HD is more for Broadcast or Documentaries and if you want the Film Look, 24p is the way to go, but…

      …can this Panasonic HVX200 look close to Film. I see some HD cameras have a feature where it has 24fps, but not 24p. Plus, Cine Gamma feature. Has anyone tried using an HD camera for film?

      Plus, what is your final advise to me if I wanted to buy a camera for filmmaking. What would be the IDEAL camera to invest my money?


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      go to to learn more about the dvx and hvx. interesting tidbit, last years winner for cinematography at sundance used a dvx-100. 24p money baby! but no native 16:9.

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      The DVX and HVX have real similar looks (I’ve used both) because they use the same CineGamma technology, and have similar custom options.

      If you have to shoot HD now, then you’re best off with the HVX. If you’re on more of a budget (P2 cards are still pricey, but CitiDISK and Firestore have you covered) then the DVX is still a great option. The documentary Murderball was shot using the DVX100a, and it’s up for an Acadamy Award this year!

      Go with what your budget dictates, and if your story is there, it won’t matter if you’re shooting on Pixelvision or DVC-HD format.


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