Panasonic TM90–Much Better than Point & Shoot?

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      Although I use my Panasonic ZS7 point and shoot primarily for still images, I find that I use it more and more as a video camera to shoot kids’ performances and birthday parties, etc. I’ll continue to do this when I don’t have a devoted video camera with me but I have considered purchasing a Panasonic TM90 to replace my now ancient (five year old) Canon DV Tape camcorder.

      My contemplated purchase does not reflect a blind loyalty to Panasonic, but the fact that the TM90 has received rave reviews, particularly for the price (of about $500, I think). My question, though, is whether I’m likely to notice much difference in image (or sound) quality compared to the ZS7 (which is about as good as the Canon DV camcorder at least in good light and with clear sound).

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