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      I had a problem with my HVX200. I called the tech. dept. at Panasonic. They told me the camera needed repair and gave me address where to send. I spent 94.00 to insure and ship. They check it out and said ‘nothing wrong with it’. The problem was I couldn’t make the analogue input/output connectors work. Well they told me I had it in the wrong shooting mode. Charged me 143.00 for labor and 45.00 to ship it back.

      I confronted them, with diplomacy, concerning who should be liable for expences since they were the ones that told me to ship it for repairs, no mention of the ‘wrong mode’ deal. They began to spin and act like they didn’t understand my point. They told me that it was my responsibility to read and understand the manual. I asked them what the tech. dept. was for. They spun some more laying the blame on me. I reported the incident to the BBB. We’ll see what happens. My total bill will be close to 300.00 by the end of the day. I hope this warning helps someone. devon

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