Panasonic SDR-H40 to Adobe Premire 5

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      I currently have a Panasonic pV-GS35 Mini DV camcorder. I use Adobe Premire Elements to edit some home movies. We purchased the combo Photoshop/Elements package. I have abut 35 – 40 tapes downloaded to my (Very large Drives)

      I am thinking about buying a new Camcorder with a hards drive. But I cannot find anthing about downloading from the Panasonic sdr-h40 to adobe premire elements 5.

      I have found information the tells me the files are MOA & MOI formats and not compatable with adobe. I have been told the camera will allow you to select how to save the files.

      I am pretty sure using my current set up they are loaded to the computer as .AVI files.

      I just want everything to be the same.

      SO can someone recomend a harddrive camcorder they have done this with.

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      My sdr-h18 uses .MOD and .MOI files. The .MOI files are something like a thumbnail or index file and not needed. The .MOD file is the video file, it a basic mpeg2 video file, just rename it .mpg and you will probably be able to edit it on any program.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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