Panasonic SD90 - too much noise ?

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I am completely new to video editing, and I started by buying a panasonic sd 90 which was what my current budget would allow me (+ batteries sd cards tripods etc).

Before purchasing I read some reviews (all where good to excellent) and I researched some sample videos online, all of which looked pretty good for a cam of this budget.

Now that I use it though, have noticed that the camera produces allot of noise, even in bright light- which is not very visible after the video is compressed, so I did not notice on the samples I watched online. Videos taken after dark, even in relatively well lit environments (such as bussy bar streets) are pretty useless. Is this normal for such a camera? I am bluffed because I thought it would produce at least decent videos.

Thanks allot?

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 Unfortunately, HD cameras eat light.  There might be some mode changes that you can make while shooting in low-light that may redeem at least some future shoots-things like decreasing shutter speed make a huge difference.