Panasonic SD-5 or Cannon HF-10

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      Hello everyone!

      New member here with a little question for the experts.I have a mini DV Panasonic Camcorder at present ( PV-GS250 ) and would like to switch to an SD model.I have narrowed my choices between the new Cannon HF-10 and the older Panasonic SD-5.The Panasonic does seem like a good deal at $350.00 less money than the Cannon but I wonder if I am losing out on any important features or specs between the two.It seems that the Panasonic is being discontinued by a lot of the vendors as well, just not sure if I will be going backward with the Panasonic.

      Also;If anyone should be interested in my present Panasonic Mini Md PV-GS250 I would probably sell it at an attractive price. It might have three-four hours on it max and has been handled by no one else buy myself.Thanks for any info that you can provide me!

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