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      It’s the first time I’ve tried using this camera w/ my computer. I have just bought firewire to attach my panasonic camera to my macbook pro, as the operating instructions say is all I need to get the video on to my computer. But nothing happens when I plug it in and turn the camera on in any mode. (pc connection mode, playback, etc.) I’ve tried it w/ imovie, premiere pro, etc. open as well and when I try to “import from camera” it says I need to connect a camera. Why is it not recognizing? I thought maybe I needed to download software after all, but panasonic site downloads are only for windows, just like manual says…which is that all I need is to connect firewire between camera and computer….but I see nothing happening anywhere…is there supposed to be an icon showing up on desktop even??…ANY HELP, PLEASE?!?!?

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      AvatarJackson Wong

      Hello iamhawkeye,

      You seem to be on the right track, so I’ll try a double check here. you have Panasonic’s you are looking to connect it to MacBook Pro (what year is your MacBook from?) The current MacBook Pro has no FireWire port. If you’ve only got one computer like me you may need an adapter. Something to go from FireWire to USB. the size of the FireWire you need should be the 4-pin FireWire 400, this one should do it,

      On the software end of things, iMovie should do fine, unfortunately I haven’t used it recently, so I’m not sure of the necessary path to capture from your camera, but that could be the vocabulary to look for, digitize, capture, import.

      As long as you’ve got the camera powered on, in playback mode and the editing/capturing program in the appropriate window. You should be good. Remember that it’s always worth a retry once you have the connection and have both devices turned off.

      Hopefully this is helpful


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      AvatarJackson Wong


      I just had another thought, perhaps your capturing program needs to search for the device, some programs will have a way to refresh connected devices. You’ll know you’ve got something right if you are able to see your video on the camera’s LCD and in a window within the program. Good luck!


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      Is the camera showing up in the finder panel? What version of Premiere are you using? You may need Adobe OnLocation to capture the footage, depending on the version of Premiere you are using.

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