Panasonic PV-gs 400(or NV-GS 400) or Sony SONY HDR-HC1

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      Oppinions on whether to buy Panasonic PV-GS 400(or NV-GS 400) or Sony SONY HDR-HC1 ? I ‘ve heard much about GS 400 to be great for that price range, how about the sony under $2000 high definition camcorder? Anyone had experience with it :)?

      Oppinions apreciated.


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      I just bought the Sony HDR-HC1… seems pretty awesome quality so far… I’m just having a hard time capturing it correctly. I’m just looking for the right software.

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      I too am interested in the Sony. Prices are starting to come down. Do you use regular MiniDV cassettes, or have you opted for the crazy-expensive “high definition” tapes?

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      I actually work at Best Buy part time, so I bought the nice HD tapes πŸ˜€

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      I use three Panasonic NV-GS4000 3ccd cameras.

      I got mine for $AU 1600 each – all purchased at different times.

      The picture quality is great and the built in microphones are not too bad, though I don’t use them with my projects.

      I have heard of many issues using HD especially on the capture side of things
      You have to make sure your NLE editor will handle it . As far as I know, none of the low end NLE will capture HD

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      well, as long as I have adobe premiere I should be fine with importing HD, shouldnt I ?

      I doubt they have very significient difference in picture quality, but I’m probably going with HC1, its HD ! Some people suggest HC3 which is soon coming out, it seems to be made less expensive and missing some jacks, but i heard it actually has better quality, altough 2mp but the there was factor that was gonna improve it 1.4x times, the lens or smth, so it would be like 4mp while HC1 is smth 3mp. That info could be untrue, i heard it from a jedi council fanfilms forum, maybe the person meant still quality. Anyways i like HC1, its bigger too :P.

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