Panasonic NV GS 300 firewire

Anonymous (not verified)


I have two Panasonic Mini DV one is an NV GS 5 and the other an NV GS 300 both have done a fair

share of work however neither will download to a computer via Firewire anymore, I have tested with

several computers and firewire cards from X Sonic, Texas Instruments and several others, the problem

is not Computers, Fire Wire Controller Cards, or cables so I suspect the firewireport on the camera,s

or a failure in the camera.s themselves, this is a request for help from someone with experience with

firewire on these older Mini DV camera's please, I have tapes to download for editing and will

appreciate help, these camera's have given good service todateand I would really like to nail down

this problem !!

Thank You