Panasonic Lumix GF1… I need advice!!!

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      I want to get a new camera and I can’t afford very much so I’m looking in the $500-$600 range… I’ve been doing a ton of research and one camera that really caught my eye was the Lumix GF1… which isprimarily for photography… but it has awesome video as well. I wanted to know if anyone had anything to say about this camera or knows anything about it.

      I was also looking at the Olympus PEN that’s mostly for photography and has great video as well, but it can only hold 7 mins worth of video at a time (I think that’s even with a memory card)… So if anyone knows a way that it could hold more video than that, let me know!

      Also, If anyone has any low budget camera suggestions that would be great! I want something with good depth of field… it would be a plus if it can work with an external mic… I’m having a hard time finding something perfect.

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