Panasonic HVX201AE + Adobe Premiere pro CS4 + Youtube

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Sorry to ask this question but I need to! There is so much info out there but still I havent found the perfect settings/setup.

I use a Panasonic HVX201AE + Adobe Premiere pro CS4 to shoot and upload to Youtube.

I prefer to do widescreen and all is digital.

First Panasonic settings what is the best format to shoot?

Second Adobe Premiere settings to import and export to get the best results in Youtube.

Hope to find some usefull tips



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With the HVX, I think you should shoot 720p30. It doesn't natively record 1080i and you'd have to deinterlace for the web anyway. You can shoot 24p if you want, I've read that computer screens work at 30p. People don't seem to have major problems with either frame rate.

Here's a tutorial I made for compressing for the web. I demonstrate with Apple's Compressor, but the principals apply to all software

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Something's wrong--the video is flipped or something because it looks like your steering wheel is on the passenger side.

(Sorry, just a little cross-Atlantic humor.)

But seriously, the Quick Time movie looks distorted (tall and skinny). The HD clips look pretty sweet to me. The settings you used for the widescreen HD clip must be pretty good--it looked good to me.

FYI I know what it's like with Adobe. I used Pinnacle for years and it was so simple. I upgraded to Adobe and for a month or so, I wondered why I did! It has sooooo many options! But once I figured it all out, I prefer having all the options.